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If You Dream Big Things Only for Yourself, Your Dreaming Is Too Small

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

We’ve often heard it said that the way to a better world is a better self, but the reverse is also true.

The way to a better self is through the making of a better world.

Personal development can’t be separated from sociological development or systems development.

That is, it’s not possible to become your best self unless you’re facing up to the challenge of trying to contribute to someone or something other than yourself.¬†Your best self is the one that brings out the best in the people and places that surround you.

Don’t confuse this with a high-sounding message about how you have a moral duty to make the world a better place.

Read it selfishly:¬†Generosity isn’t the opposite of personal ambition. It’s the optimization of personal ambition.

If you only think about yourself, you’re not selfish enough.

The need to only think about yourself arises from a scarcity mindset that closes you off to your own possibilities for abundance.

If you want the best possible life for yourself, you’re likely to grow more and gain more when you look for excuses to make life better for people.

Options are like doors: when you open them for others, you open them for yourself.


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  1. reminds me of the phrase ‘we are blessed to be a blessing’. Our greatest fulfillment stems from seeing other realized and become more because of our contribution to the world! Profound read. Thanks.

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