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If You Have No Clue What to Do, Maybe Rushing into College Isn’t for You

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Don’t know what you want to do after finishing HS?

There ARE options besides rushing straight into college.

Since most college graduates take on some debt and since most college graduates take more than four years to get their bachelors degree anyway, why treat an expensive decision like college as if it’s something that you won’t have the opportunity to come back around to after one year of doing other constructive things that can lead to self-improvement and self-discovery?

Try a gap year program.

Try an apprenticeship.

Try working for a year.

Spend some time traveling for a year.

Do a couple of mission trips.

Get a part-time job and create a self-directed learning curriculum in your free time.

If college is something you really feel you need to do at the end of that process, it will still be there when you’re done. And with the combination of real-world experience and self-knowledge you’ll have acquired, you might be less likely to waste your time and money when you begin.

Do whatever you want, but don’t buy the lie that college is the only environment for people trying to figure out they want to do with their lives.

If you go to college, go because you genuinely love it and because you have a sense of direction regarding how you intend to use the experience for your own personal growth. Don’t go out of some fear-based belief that you’re going to become some kind of loser just because you’re going in a different direction than the majority.

That’s a bad reason for doing anything.

To hear my rant on why “college give you direction” is a bad argument, check out Episode 3 of my Tour of Bad Arguments below

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