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You Asked, We Answered


Isaac Morehouse and I just released the final episode for Season 2 of the Office Hours podcast.

For this episode, we did an “Ask Me Anything” edition where we covered as many questions as possible.

Thanks to everyone for supporting the podcast and submitting questions for the episode.

To check out the show, you can watch the video below or listen on iTunesYouTubedirect download and all major podcast platforms.

Full List of Questions Answered:

  • What do you hate about Christmas?
  • In whatever project/opportunity/job you’ve been given a chance to take, what were your non-negotiables that would make you either take it or reject it?
  • If you weren’t doing Praxis, what would you be doing now?
  • If Praxis failed tomorrow what would you work on next?
  • I just want to write, though I understand at my current skill level I can’t support myself solely with writing. How do I get past hating day jobs?
  • Isaac you have lots of kids which means many long spans of dealing with the challenges of babies. What are the biggest challenges that babies and kids have presented for your career and what perspectives have you found useful for handling those challenges? Particularly the challenges of both parents working if you can shed light on that.
  • What is your favorite dairy product and why?
  • Are concepts simply another type of experience?
  • If you and TK got in a fist fight who would win?
  • Are either of you religious/spiritual? Do you think living a devoted religious life can be a rational life?
  • What’s something small you changed/did in your life that had a large positive affect?
  • With Praxis obviously all the participants are gonna do great things, but has there been a participant who’s gone on to do things that make you “holy shit”? The guys who have gone above and beyond after they’re out of the program.
  • You guys never discuss and which is a true barrier to entrepreneurship his health insurance. How do you deal with health insurance when starting your own business?
  • When did you and Isaac know you were going to be best friends?
  • What is your biggest weakness?
  • I had a conversation with an individual who was in their early 30s a few nights ago. He just finished his degree and was encouraging me to do the same because he was “…sick of seeing people dumber than {him} get better jobs than {him}…” he went on to say something along the lines of “There’s very few rockstars out there like {individual}, very few, that can pull off not going to college and make a significant living.” What would you have said to him?
  • Good Morning T.K., I so much enjoy your commentary – it is thought-provoking, encouraging, and motivational to me.  So, here is my question…How does one move ideas and into action? How does boldness become a lifestyle, a constant?  Please share your personal experience in this area of your life. Thank you in advance.
  • I’m a big fan of what Praxis is trying to do. However, I came across an article recently (see link) on why the humanities are important. It makes the case for why humanities are important not for business, necessarily, but for humankind. This exposure can only come from certain courses we take in college. If a young person goes the Praxis route how will he or she get this exposure that seems so critical?
  • I have been following you for about 7 years now, I signed up for your 1 message a day and have learned a lot from them when applying it to my life. I also grew up in Chicago -area and went to college in the West Michigan area as well. My question who is your favorite bulls player past or present? ( Go Bulls!)  and second, what is your advice on dealing with colleagues that you work with who use ageism to make the working environment uncomfortable when working with them?
  • Can you give your best pep talk?
  • I’ve joined Toastmasters and one of their things is to weed out filler words such as um and ah.  I consistently am the worst offender, but I don’t personally notice it. First, do you have some tips for changing speaking “ticks” and is there an acceptable threshold for filler words?
  • A college degree is disproportionately high in cost for its value. What’s something you see as disproportionately high in value for its cost?
  • What does your morning routine look like? And/or do have a routine when you get into the office that gets you in the right headspace for the day?
  • Both you and Isaac Morehouse preach about daily blogging and to my knowledge, this activity was a huge factor in the project that ended up becoming Praxis. I’m curious about any other unexpected benefits that came about due to your daily blogging habit?
  • How are you celebrating your birthday? I hope it’s a great one!
  • Why do you share so many of your writings for free-of-charge?
  • Is there any good for the general public that comes out if modern education? If so, what?
  • How can you tell when someone’s exploiting you?
  • If LeBron is the third-best player ever, does that make Jordan fourth?
  • Do you think Upwork will be the main platform for many types of remote “jobs’ in the future?
  • As I research I’m finding that online education is becoming more prevalent. I’m thinking that in 10 years or so it will replace brick and mortar and know how to compete in the marketplace of ideas at a lower financial cost. Any thoughts on this?
  • How can you persuade your family that actually working in the job market can be more efficient than attending college? I still am getting downplayed and shamed into attending college just because “I’m smart and better than my current job” which is Lyft currently.
  • If I worked for you (this is hypothetical, obviously) would it matter to you what my motivation was? Would it matter whether I did the job for the pay or because I loved the work? I guess you’d prefer an employee who was mainly motivated by the work rather than the money. But if the pay means I can support my family, and if that’s my main motivation, wouldn’t you agree that’s completely okay?
  • Do you believe in any NBA conspiracies?
  • Say something nice about universities and the types of people who benefit from a traditional undergraduate experience
  • I’m inspired by the way Praxis creates a freer world and “criticizes by creating“. What other businesses inspire you in the same way? Besides education, what other fields do you see as ripe for liberty driven entrepreneurship?
  • How do you prevent spreading yourself too thin while letting yourself try out doing/learning different things?
  • I was wondering if you guys could dig deeper into your feelings on election day and voting in general. If we don’t vote, how else can we have a voice in government and society?
  • What are your thoughts on psychedelics and other consciousness expansion practices such as meditation, breathing exercises (like Wim Hof’s), and how this can deepen your self-knowledge and improve your performance, clarity and happiness at work?
  • Why didn’t you guys choose to accelerate Praxis’ development with external investment?
  • Do you think Praxis has what it takes to be the number one educational institution of the future? Is that the goal?
  • Do you know anything about MissionU? Why do you think they had trouble growing after having a lot of visibility, building partnerships with companies like Uber, Spotify, etc and receiving $11.5m in funding? And why do you think they decided to be purchased by WeWork?

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