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Learning Is the Ultimate Motivational Tool

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Most people feel unmotivated not because they lack good pep talks, but because they lack good perspective.

The key to inspiration is better information.

When you understand how things work, you’re less vulnerable to self-defeating assumptions about how those things won’t work for you.

Instead of forcing yourself to feel successful and productive, try to understand something new. Seek out a different vantage point.

When you can think clearly, critically, and creatively about things, your feelings and actions will follow.

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  1. I think curiosity is the ultimate motivational tool. Curiosity and intelligence lead us to solve problems but I am not sure if that is the same as creativity. I am not sure what you mean by “perspective”. I doubt if it would lead to inspiration which I feel is something different. That is about our emotions and imagination I think. I certainly do not think better information is the key to inspiration, in fact I often feel too much information can prevent us from exploring and freeing ourselves, trusting and letting ourselves go, so we can be more creative.

    1. I agree with everything you wrote here, Stephen. It just seems that we’re thinking about the language in different ways.

      Like you, I agree that curiosity is the ultimate motivational tool. I wrote “learning” because I see “learning” as “curiosity pursued.” Sometimes curiosities get ignored or dismissed. Learning is when we embrace them and chase them. That’s where the power lies.

      I actually equate creativity with curiosity, intelligence, and the willingness to experiment/explore.

      By “perspective,” I simply mean “a way of processing or perceiving things.” I see all instances of inspiration as stemming from shifts that take place in perspective. But then again, I see “inspiration” as more than “emotions and imagination.” I see inspiration as “the energy and determination to act on one’s vision.”

      Regarding your statement about information, I agree with everything you said. You seem to thinking about information in a very academic or logical sense though. I see information in a much broader sense. I see information as “the data of experience” or as “any observation or insight that is capable of being integrated into one’s understanding.” Meditation, for instance, can be as much of a source of inspiration as studying math. There’s more to information than intellectual analysis. The art of trusting ourselves and letting ourselves go comes from altering the way we perceive who we are. This comes from the experience of processing different information or processing information differently.

      This is my perspective and I really don’t see it as being any different from yours. I just think we’re having this conversation with two different understandings of words like “creativity” and “information” and “learning” and so on. But all in all, the understanding is the thing.

      I appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

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