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The Difference That Difference Makes

Here’s what comes with the territory of being an individual.

What’s obvious to you will seem obscure to others.

This can be a source of great irritation and inconvenience in relationships.

It can also be a source of great purpose and power.

The difference is mostly a matter of decision.

In a talk I gave called “Dreams Don’t Come True, Decisions Do,” I make the following observation:

If everyone was inspired and irked by the same things as you, there wouldn’t be much of a need for you.

You can despise the differences that exist between yourself and others OR you can embrace those differences as evidence for the existence of a unique contribution that you’re here to make.

When others say “I don’t see things the way you do,” it might be more of an affirmation than an attack.

Another way to hear such words might be “I don’t see things the way you do AND that’s exactly why we need someone like you.”

I can only imagine how terrible music, art, literature, technology, and commerce would be if everyone was turned off and turned on by the same things as me.

It’s a good thing that we live in a world where there are people like you.

I hope you see it that way too.

Start with You

All help is self-help because no one can help you in spite of yourself.

There’s no mentor, teacher, coach, or professional contact who’s good enough to help you advance your life without your willingness to be receptive.

Inner resolve must precede outside resources.

Before you buy that book, program, or course, make sure you’ve bought into the work.

How to Be Taken Seriously

The best way to be taken seriously is by doing serious work.

Waking up and deciding “Today I’m going to start getting serious” is a good start, but it’s only the beginning.

A great brand requires trust, credibility, and social capital. And those things require time to build.

Dream big and aim high, but don’t forget to approach your daily work with integrity and persistence.

As Geoff Graham writes. “Incremental progress, made bit by bit over years of deliberate and sustained effort, is the most powerful force in the world..”

Before the Money Comes

If you want to get paid for something, start doing it before you get paid.

In whatever capacity you can, get started.

Nothing says “risky hire” like a person who says “I want to do X, but I haven’t done anything yet because I’m waiting for someone to give me money first.”

And nothing says “I’m ready to step into the light” quite like the person who says “I’m willing to be share by gifts with generosity even though there’s no guarantee I’m going to make money for it.”

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