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Are Your Dreams Keeping up with You?

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Whenever you follow a dream, it leads to new observations, discoveries, and relationships.

These experiences will modify your sense of what is possible and what is preferable.

To chase after a dream is to undertake a surprising and challenging process of personal transformation.

It’s impossible to act on your dreams while remaining identical to the person you were when you took the first step.

For this reason, dreams need to be upgraded in order to account for the evolution we undergo when dreams are pursued.

Who we are is always changing. Why should our dreams remain the same?

Follow your dreams, but don’t forget to let your dreams follow you.

You’re Beautiful for Owning That Mistake

One of the best ways to promote the pursuit of truth is to not be melodramatic when people make mistakes and sincerely own them.

“We all make mistakes” > “Ha, I told you so”

“What matters is that you understand where you went wrong and how to fix it” > “You just got owned”

Praise people for being honest instead of bashing them for having flaws and imperfections that they need to be honest about.

Discovering our errors is a beautiful thing. How beautiful would it be if we didn’t make people feel ugly about that?

The Game Is Bigger than the Play

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In every basketball game, the winning team experiences:

  • Missed shots
  • Bad fouls
  • Lapses on defense
  • Turnovers on offense
  • Objectionable calls made against their team by the referee
  • Negative reactions from the crowd
  • Heated disagreements or frustrating moments of miscommunication between teammates

The moral: you don’t need every single play to go your way in order to control the tempo, execute your strategy, weather the storms, adapt to the challenges of the moment, and dial it in when it matters most.

To play the game, you have to remember that the game is bigger than the play.

Learning Is the Ultimate Motivational Tool

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Most people feel unmotivated not because they lack good pep talks, but because they lack good perspective.

The key to inspiration is better information.

When you understand how things work, you’re less vulnerable to self-defeating assumptions about how those things won’t work for you.

Instead of forcing yourself to feel successful and productive, try to understand something new. Seek out a different vantage point.

When you can think clearly, critically, and creatively about things, your feelings and actions will follow.

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