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Along the unfamiliar path

I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. The Book of Isaiah 42:16

There is One Mind guiding and governing all things; A Principle of Intelligence at work in our affairs which always ensures the greatest of possible outcomes.

It arranges the elements in our lives with perfect wisdom and limitless grace.

As we harmonize our thoughts with that which is highest in ourselves, we experience a peace which “surpasses all understanding” and a hope that transcends all appearances to the contrary.

This day, I look ahead with courage knowing that each step I take is pre-paved by Divine Omniscience.

I release all fear of the unknown.

The blindness of my analytical mind is no longer a hinderance, for I carry within myself that which is the very Light of all Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding.

The way before me is now clear.

The rough places are now made smooth.

The Presence of God now becomes my path.

The Peace of God now floods my soul.

All is well.

T.K. Coleman

Time is on your side

There is no deadline in Divine Mind
when you dwell in a consciousness of Infinity, you never run out of time
step into the realm of synchronicity where, day and night, every moment is right
you can experience time from within Eternity when you walk by faith instead of sight
So, turn your eyes counter clockwise
until you realize
this present moment is the only date
and you will never be late
because from henceforth you will operate
in the power and flow of the timeless now
Enter the silence and let the stillness show you how
T.K. Coleman

My dreams are sacred

Today I choose to embrace my dreams as the highest evidence of God’s will for my life.

I do not regard my dreams as mere fantasies arising from my own personal consciousness, but I consider them to be the outworking of God’s heart beating through mine; the instantiation of Divinity expressing itself as me.

I know that I was born to dream and I refuse to dismiss this capacity as something that is irrelevant or antithetical to spiritual life.

My dreams, when deeply felt, are the prayers which connect me to the Essence of All That Is.

When confidently affirmed, they are the incantations which summon angelic presences and powers into my affairs.

When believed, they are the prophecies which give hope to the present, meaning to the past, and birth to future.

My dreams are sacraments mediating the Reality of the Sacred to my imagination.

I bless this sacrament.

I receive this sacrament.

I recognize and honor it as my communion with God.

Human Imagination is a stargate

Human imagination is a stargate.

It is a gateway to higher dimensions and a portal to divine realms of possibility.

It is not an escape from the world in which we live, but it is a transportation device which positions us in the center of that power and place from which all worlds emerge.

We activate this stargate by first taking it seriously as a real and practical technology existing within our own being.

We travel through it by consciously choosing to enter our hearts deeply enough to touch and taste the very essence of our dreams. In this state we do not merely visualize, but we step into the picture of our visions and we remain there until we have become citizens of the dreamworld.

Although it is our nature to dream, we were not born to simply fantasize. We were born to realize and materialize.

There are entire universes awaiting our discovery. Within the heart of the discoverer is the device by which these discoveries are made.

Open the door of your heart today and take a trip through the stargate of human imagination.

I’ll meet you there.

T.K. Coleman

My life is a prayer. My existence is an act of meditation.

“It is easy in solitude to live after your own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude.” -Ralph Walso Emerson
I am capable of finding my alignment under any conditions. I possess the flexibility necessary to connect to my Highest Self even when I am busy and on the go. Whether I am alone or in a crowd, I know how to maintain a positive vibration. By learning to see everyone and everything as an expression of Source-Energy, I can transform every experience into an opportunity for enlightenment, expansion, and evolution.

Prayer and meditation are not isolated activities separate from the whole of life. They are states of consciousness where my attention and intention is directed towards the higher energies of Spirit. Through patience, practice, and persistent self-love, I can cultivate this state of consciousness.

I do not always have to be doing what I love in order to feel my connection to God.

When I am doing what I do not love, I will find that which is loveable in what I am doing. When I am with who I do not love, I will find that which is loveable in who I am with. When I am in places I do not love, I will find that which is loveable in the places I am in.

Unconditional Love means there is no condition, however stressful or unpleasant, where I am incapable of focusing on and finding that which is an expression of the God who is Love.

Nothing can get in the way of my alignment because I have the divine ability to use every situation as a tool with which to facilitate and further my own evolution. No one can interfere with my ability to connect with Source, because I know how to see the Source in everyone.

From this state of knowing, I declare that my life is a prayer. I affirm my existence as an act of meditation.

I do not need to go to an exotic place or a quiet space in order to find resonance with the peace and power within. The place where I am is my place of connection.

Now is the moment. Now is the opportunity. Now is the freedom I have always sought.

It is so and so it is!

T.K. Coleman

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