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Confessions of a Tough-Minded Optimist: I am water

I am water.

Though I assume many forms, the essence of what I am remains formless.  

I cannot be grasped, but only experienced.
I can nourish you or destroy you, depending on how you choose to engage me.
Toss me into the heat and I will rise as steam.
Let the world freeze me with its coldness and I will become solid and strong as rock.
Shatter me into a thousand pieces and I will return again to my true nature as unbroken and undivided oneness.
T.K. Coleman

I-Magi-Nation* II

Yesterday, I waxed sentimental about the beauty and power of the imagination. It felt liberating and intoxicating. Hence, I’m doing it again. If you’d like to read the first one, click here. Either way, feel free to enjoy my rampage of appreciation for imagination take 2. Cheers and happy creating 🙂

Imagination is that which connects heaven to earth. It is the ladder of Jacob upon which the angels ascend & descend.

It is our portal to higher dimensions and our gateway to eternal happiness. 

Unless man is born again in his imagination, he will never discover the wonderful worlds of paradise existing in his own being.

Heaven is a state of consciousness inaccessible to physical means of transportation. We must arrive there by way of the invisible path.

Where is the man who desires to see the Kingdom of God?

Let him walk through the doorway of his own imagination and he will find it.

Let him look through the eyes of his imagination and he will see a world of infinity surrounding him on all sides.

T.K. Coleman

*The title, “I-Magi-Nation”, is inspired by the following quote from a talk delivered by Daryl Anka: “I-magi-nation! You are nation of magicians!”


Imagination is…

the invisible pen with which man can write and rewrite the story of his life.

Imagination is…

the brush whose every stroke colors the canvas of space-time according to its own whim.

Imagination is..

power and the soul who dares to believe in it will never be put to shame.

Through imagination we can heal ourselves, forgive our enemies, and redeem our communities.

Through imagination we can revise our past, embellish our present, and create our future.

Through imagination we can transcend our boundaries, reinvent our identities, and recontextualize our lives.

Through imagination we come to see ourselves no longer as helpless or worthless beings, but as individualized expressions of Infinite Strength, Infinite Beauty, and Infinite Love.

Through imagination we are liberated from the prison of self doubt and empowered to create the self and the reality of our own choosing.

T.K. Coleman

*The title, “I-Magi-Nation”, is inspired by the following quote from a talk delivered by Daryl Anka: “I-magi-nation! You are nation of magicians!”

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Confessions of a tough-minded optimist: I choose to be limitless!

There is no end to the astounding things that are capable of springing forth from my inner being. I liberally share my most cherished thoughts, knowing that even greater ones are bound to pour through me in the future.

When creative ideas and intelligent insights introduce themselves to me, I do not regard myself as fortunate. I simply recognize this as the natural process whereby Infinite Intelligence distributes itself through all who are open to the possibility of their own genius.

There is no need for me to fear the depletion of my soul’s treasures. For as an expression of  The Limitless, my potential is inexhaustible. Invested with this understanding, I offer my gifts to the universe without a sense of lack.

As I selflessly allow others to be blessed by the outflow of my inner resources, I become more attuned to the inflow of God’s. I choose to freely give. I choose to freely receive. I choose to freely be the limitless version of me.

What about you? Will you join me? 

 -T.K. Coleman

Confessions of a tough-minded optimist: I was born to create!

My heart cannot be content with mere speculation. I was born to create.

No amount of contemplation, analysis, or study can produce the self-actualization that results from my decision to commit.

The willingness to take a chance and learn from my mistakes is more than enough to get started. Preparation will befriend me along the path of action.

I release my need to be perfect. I renounce my need to get it “right” the first time around. I relinquish my need to be beyond criticism.

The false security I feel by safely hiding my gifts from the world,  is not worth the life of emptiness and boredom which accompanies it.

I must allow the world to feel the weight of who I truly am, if I wish to live the life that is really mine. I must allow myself to create. I must, I will, I do.

T.K. Coleman

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