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Trust Yourself

Why place your judgment in someone else’s hands?

When you say, “I can’t trust my own judgment,” then how can you trust your own judgment enough to know that you’re really untrustworthy?

When you say, “I can’t be trusted to make good decisions. Therefore, I’m going to let other people make my decisions for me,” how can you be trusted to make good decisions about who is and who isn’t capable of making good decisions?

It’s impossible to deny your own trustworthiness without simultaneously affirming it.

So, trust yourself. You already do. Now it’s time to own it.



Dear Maya Angelou

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” -Maya Angelou

Thank you for telling your story.

Thank you for sharing your gift.

Thank you for following your bliss.

Thank you for dancing to the rhythm of your true self.

Thank you for taking the chances you needed to take.

Thank you for making your presence felt and your voice heard.

Thank you for being beautiful in your own way.

Thank you for making your life a premise from which we can all argue for our own possibilities.

To Be Impressed is Impressive

Being impressed is an art form. It is not a passive phenomenon universally experienced by everyone who stands in the presence of genius; it is an aesthetic experience that can only be achieved through relentless dedication.

It takes concentration and effort to be the kind of person who maintains their capacity to be inspired by the beauty and brilliance of others.

To recognize and celebrate that which is praiseworthy in one’s peers requires a kind of confidence and maturity not demanded of those who are too cool to be moved by anything other than their own coolness.

Great is the spirit that invokes the admiration of the crowd. Greater still is the spirit that is not too great to play audience to another’s greatness.


Who’s Raising You?

None of us were taught everything we needed to know. We inherit not only the insights, but also the oversights of our earliest teachers.

Unless we wish to be confined to the limitations of our upbringing, some degree of self-socialization is necessary.

Literacy opens the way.

Through reading we acquire  the power to raise our level of intelligence beyond the predetermined settings of what we were raised to think and believe.

We can’t pick our parents, but we can pick our books. And I believe this is enough. For when we study, we become the mothers of our own mind and the fathers of our own fate.

You Haven’t Practiced Until You’ve Performed

“One more seminar. One more book. One more coaching session. One more practice run-through. Then I can start,” we think.

Why not start now? Why not grow on the go? Why not learn while you live? Why not conceptualize while you create? Why not improve while you move?

Who sold us on this false dichotomy between learning and doing?

Practice is part and parcel of performance.


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