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“That’s Easy For You To Say”

“That’s easy for you to say” is an expression of personal judgment targeted at the speaker. Logically speaking, however, it says nothing about the truth-value of the actual words being said.

The strength of an idea does not depend on how easy or difficult it is for its proponents to advocate.

The difference between facts and falsehoods can’t be discerned simply by observing how much a person struggles to state their opinion.

Sometimes facts are easy to express. Sometimes they are not.

Sometimes falsehoods are easy to express. Sometimes they are not.

Sometimes positive suggestions are easy to express. Sometimes they are not.

Sometimes negative declarations are easy to express. Sometimes they are not.

Thinking critically about ideas means, at least in part, focusing on the actual ideas and refusing to be distracted by any perceived shortcomings in the people who espouse those ideas.

How easy something is for YOU to SAY, does not eliminate the responsibility for ME to THINK.

I am hopelessly in love with the printed page

book hug“There is no friend as loyal as a book.”  -Ernest Hemingway

I enjoy having books as much I enjoy reading them.

I don’t need to be involved in the process of extracting information from them in order to benefit from their presence.

Sometimes it’s simply enough to have them around.

The sheer knowledge that they are there for me when I need them is enough to comfort me in my darkest hour.

If You Want Others to Follow Through, Hold Yourself Accountable to Following Up.

“No one ever listens to me.”

”I already asked, but never got a response”

”I emailed them, but never received a reply”

”They never called me back.”

“I never heard back from anyone.”

If you’ve ever found yourself using those kinds of words, you may benefit from reading the post I wrote this week for the Praxis blog.

Click here and enjoy.


T.K. Coleman

You Are More Beautiful Than You Think

There is no ugliness in how we look. There is only ugliness in how we see.

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then the perception of its absence must be evidence of lack or limitation in one’s point of view.

Prettiness is a matter of perspective.

It’s a person’s philosophy, not their face, that makes them frightful.

It’s a person’s beliefs, not their body, that makes them beautiful.

If you’re in need of a facelift, try a new idea. Concepts are the ultimate cosmetic.

Let No One Convince You of Your Uncoolness

“I don’t know if I’m cool or not, but I am incredibly resistant to any effort to make me think I’m uncool.” -Terence Mckenna, Cool Can’t Be Commodified

If you’re not a fun person to be around, you’re either hanging out with the wrong people or you’re pretending to be something you’re not.

Everyone has something to offer, everyone has the power to bring a smile to people’s faces when they enter a room, and everyone deserves to experience the joy of knowing how much their presence means to another human being.

If you’re not experiencing that joy, find a different crowd and start being truthful to what really matters to you.

Life is too ripe with possibility for any of us to waste our time desperately seeking the arbitrary validation of exclusivists and elitists who perceive us as boring and unworthy.

Instead of trying to be cool with the cool kids, be cool with the kids who are cool with you.

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