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Feelings are friends, not foes

Feelings are like friends: All of them are good, as long as we understand how to properly engage them.

Strictly speaking, there are no negative emotions (although I understand and accept the informal use of this description) because none of our feelings are evil or intrinsically harmful.

Certain emotional sensations may be unpleasant or uncomfortable, but that’s not necessarily bad.

Like friends, all feelings play a different role and each of them have their own unique attributes.

Different friends are helpful and useful for different things.

Some friends are better at comforting us, others are better at challenging us. We need both kinds.

It’s only when we demand our friends to be someone other than who they are that we experience them as enemies.

Ditto with feelings.

It’s only when we demand them to be something other than what they are that we experience them as enemies.

When our feelings challenge us, the best thing we can do is welcome the challenge and embrace the changes they invite us to create.

Sometimes I feel bothered, but I’ve learned (and am continuing to learn) to not feel bothered about feeling bothered.

I’ve learned (and am continuing to learn) that I can allow the sensation of being bothered to usher me to that place within myself that needs to be healed, to be embraced, or simply reminded that it is truly loved.

The way of self-destruction

“Self-destruction is the answer.” -Tyler Durden, Fight Club

Smash the false concepts upon which your current sense of personal identity depends.

Annihilate the suffocating stories of misery, weakness, and impoverishment that you habitually spin about your life.

Demolish the version of ‘you’ that’s defined by the sense of being a victim.

Destruction is as beautiful as creation, especially when the structure that’s being torn apart is nothing more than an illusion.

The real you is beautiful, perfect, and whole as is.

The parts of you that seem to be ugly, powerless, and unworthy of love are nothing more than mental constructs that are better off being destroyed.

The environment is a product of you

Man is not merely the product of his environment; he is part and parcel of his environment.

And as such, he possesses the creative power to alter the course of his life from within its preexisting parameters.

We are as capable of exerting causative force upon our world as our world is capable of exerting causative force upon us.

The boundaries and borders that surround us do not define us; they only provide the scenery and setting for our self-determined stories of transcendence.

“I aint mad at cha!”

Of all the people with whom I’ve interacted, none have betrayed me more than they’ve blessed me nor have any harmed me more than they’ve helped me.

For this reason, I declare no one as my enemy.

Every bit of hatred, opposition, and rejection that I’ve experienced is but an element which, when mingled with understanding and maturity, has resulted in a greater realization of the omnipresence of beauty and the omnipotence of love.

So whoever you are, and whatever you’ve done, “I ain’t mad at cha!”


T.K. Coleman

If wealth were the key, none of us would be free

If wealth were a necessary condition for success, then history books would only contain stories of revolutionaries who were the children of rich men.

What we actually find, on the contrary, are people from every class and category changing the world through the power of imagination and self-determinism.

Money is a powerful tool, but it can be easily turned against us when we use the lack of it as an excuse for why we’re not living up to our full potential.

Money is not the god of man’s destiny and it is incapable of stopping anyone who refuses to interpret its absence as an insurmountable obstacle.

There have always been, and will always be, other kinds of currency besides those upon which our lives supposedly depend:

Creativity is a kind of currency. Wisdom is a kind of currency. Persistence is a kind of currency. Unconventional logic is a kind of currency. Friendship is a kind of currency. Diligence is a kind of currency. Adaptability is a kind of currency.

I am not advocating an optimistic attitude towards being poor; I’m advocating a pessimistic attitude towards giving up on our dreams simply because we are not rich.

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