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I am the host of two podcasts: Office Hours and Small Business Edge by Ceterus.

Office Hours is where you get philosophical insight and actionable advice on how to take charge of your life and career. Got a job your trying to get? A work-related issue you’re trying to resolve? An obstacle that’s holding you up? Every week, TK Coleman and Isaac Morehouse break down your questions about life and work.

Small Business Edge by Ceterus povides insight, inspiration, and advice for small business entrepreneurs from experts who have done it first-hand.T.K. Coleman brings you the stories of these entrepreneurs. The small and medium-sized business entrepreneurs who account for the vast majority of U.S. businesses and employment. From restaurant to franchise owners, from main street business to long-time consultants, you will hear the marketing, accounting, business and life lessons learned from decades of real small business experience.

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