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Breaking the Rules, Doing Versus Wishing, & How Others See You (Reading Notes 7.20.18)

Resource: Doing it completely and totally wrong


Sometimes breaking the rules is the right thing to do. When everyone is trying to be safe, it might be more effective to be dangerous. When everyone is trying to be safe, it might be more effective to create safe places. Whatever you do, don’t make it a rule to play by same rules that everyone else is following.


“It’s possible to do everything wrong and do very well. In fact, sometimes that’s the only way to do very well.”

Resource: The wishing/doing gap

Your focus shouldn’t be on what you wish for. It should be on what you can actually do to make your wishes come true. With any emphasis on doing, wishes just become distrations.


If you can influence the outcome, do the work.

If you can’t influence the outcome, ignore the possibility. It’s merely a distraction.

Resource: All mirrors are broken


You’ll always show up in others people’s world in a manner that differs from how you show up in your own. It’s better to focus less on how you look to them and more on the impression you need to make in order to create the result you want to have.


No one understands your self-narrative, no one cares that much about you, no one truly gets what it’s like to be you. That germ of truth you’re seeking isn’t there, no matter how hard you look in the mirror.

You’re not as bad (or as good) as you think you are.

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