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TK’s Two Cents on “Showing up”

Make your first decision today be the choice to show up.

Happiness is already here waiting to satisfy you. Creativity is already here ready to dialogue with you. Success is already here waiting to shower you with its rewards.  

Now it’s time for you to join them.  

Let this be the day you embrace the life that’s been waiting for you.

How do you show up?

You show up the moment you decide to let go of all the meaningless distractions in your life so you can make your attention fully available to what you desire most.

That’s my two cents and I’m betting it on the chance you show up today.

T.K. Coleman

This post inspired by conversations on creativity with @MelanieHope1

TK’s two cents on “Grabbing happiness by the horns”

They say power is never given, but is instead usurped by those who are hungry enough to do whatever it takes to have it.

Well, the same is true of a good time.

Sometimes you just have to grab happiness by the horns and say “you’re coming with me, today, whether you like it or not!”

I’ve met a lot of wonderful people who’ve made me feel inspired, but the most wonderful of them all is Mr. Self-Determination!

Whenever he shows up, I’m sure to have a blast NO MATTER WHAT!

I’m glad he decided to show up today. No one cares about my well-being quite like he does.

-T.K. Coleman

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