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Onward & Upward

Today, I choose to be a superior version of self.

I resist the seduction of complacency. I affirm my present value with gratitude, but I refuse to confuse self-respect with the denial of my potential.

There is more to who I am than what I’ve discovered. My best days are not behind me, they are within me. I choose to dig deep. I choose to unearth my hidden treasures. There is beauty unseen and on this day I will strive to see it. There is brilliance untapped and on this day I will endeavor to unfold it.

My appreciation for who I am shall not blind me to the possibilities of who I can become.

It is what it is and you are it

The possibility of flight was not achieved through the denial of gravity, but by the discovery of a principle through which the gravitational force could be superseded.

In a like manner, Faith is not the result of turning a blind eye towards the objective difficulties of the world, but it is the affirmation of a principle or power within ourselves thats enables us to transcend the suffering which often accompanies life’s challenges.

The legendary story of Jesus turning water into wine is not merely a call to worship, but an invitation to awaken to an alchemical universe in which the possibility for transformation is inherent within every particle, person, or place.

Popular culture routinely makes use of the phrase “it is what it is” in order to express the conviction of a thing’s finality. “It is what it is” implies that we cannot change it, therefore we ought to get around to accepting our present conditions as a brute fact.

There is a broader perspective, however, that recognizes a Formless Essence lying back of all things. Our recognition of this Essence, combined with an assurance of its Benevolence and Limitlessness, endows us with the capacity to conduct its energy into our lives thereby creating real miracles within and without.

Life is never a phenomenon that we are “stuck” with. It is a gift that reflects and respects the definition that each one assigns to it.

One does not need to deny that “it is what it is”, once he realizes that  “It” is simply a Something which takes the form of what he chooses it to be.

T.K. Coleman

I make room for magic

I make room for magic by planning for that which cannot be planned and by counting upon that which cannot be counted.

I make room for magic by taking the time to appreciate those unseen forces and friends that work and walk with me along my path.

I make room for magic by reminding myself that the Universe in which I live is not a closed system, but an open system which involves the steady inflow of energies and entities from higher dimensions.

I make room for magic by synchronizing my awareness with the activities of these mystical realms and consistently affirming their existence.

I make room for magic by opening my heart to become a channel for the miraculous and a conduit of the spontaneous.

I make room for magic by recognizing matter to be an extension of mind, substance to be an expression of spirit, and circumstance to be a reflection of consciousness.

I make room for magic by speaking my dreams to the Universe and expecting my words to take form as visible things.

I make room for magic by setting forth intentions and looking for the evidence of their impact on the material world.

I make room for magic by continuing to be open to all the magical ways in which the world reveals itself to be sacred and sacramental.

I make room for magic and magic makes room for me.

T.K. Coleman

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My life is a prayer. My existence is an act of meditation.

“It is easy in solitude to live after your own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude.” -Ralph Walso Emerson
I am capable of finding my alignment under any conditions. I possess the flexibility necessary to connect to my Highest Self even when I am busy and on the go. Whether I am alone or in a crowd, I know how to maintain a positive vibration. By learning to see everyone and everything as an expression of Source-Energy, I can transform every experience into an opportunity for enlightenment, expansion, and evolution.

Prayer and meditation are not isolated activities separate from the whole of life. They are states of consciousness where my attention and intention is directed towards the higher energies of Spirit. Through patience, practice, and persistent self-love, I can cultivate this state of consciousness.

I do not always have to be doing what I love in order to feel my connection to God.

When I am doing what I do not love, I will find that which is loveable in what I am doing. When I am with who I do not love, I will find that which is loveable in who I am with. When I am in places I do not love, I will find that which is loveable in the places I am in.

Unconditional Love means there is no condition, however stressful or unpleasant, where I am incapable of focusing on and finding that which is an expression of the God who is Love.

Nothing can get in the way of my alignment because I have the divine ability to use every situation as a tool with which to facilitate and further my own evolution. No one can interfere with my ability to connect with Source, because I know how to see the Source in everyone.

From this state of knowing, I declare that my life is a prayer. I affirm my existence as an act of meditation.

I do not need to go to an exotic place or a quiet space in order to find resonance with the peace and power within. The place where I am is my place of connection.

Now is the moment. Now is the opportunity. Now is the freedom I have always sought.

It is so and so it is!

T.K. Coleman

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Kiss the Frog: Creating happiness through the power of appreciation

The fear of being stuck with happiness

Everybody wants to be happy.

Even though we all want to be happy in theory, we don’t always give ourselves permission.

Why would we do that? Because happiness is considered to be dangerous.

Although every one wants to feel good, we fear that being happy will pacify us and ultimately destroy us.

Unhappiness is like an abusive lover that we’re afraid to leave because we don’t believe in our ability to get through life successfully without having him in our lives.

We’re afraid to love our lives as they are because we fear being stuck with an unwanted condition.

If we allow ourselves to be happy NOW, even though we have some things going on that we don’t like, we fear we might become complacent.

To many people, being happy no matter what sounds identical to settling for less. On the surface, it seems so much more responsible to analyze what’s wrong than to appreciate what’s right.

Appreciation might be the moral thing to do, but who wants to get stuck with a mediocre life? So we dismiss appreciation as a waste of time and dive right into the bad stuff. After all, that’s what we’re trying to get rid of, right? So WHY NOT focus more on the bad stuff?

Rethinking the concept of appreciation

Well, contrary to popular belief, appreciation is not just an act of maturity. It’s an act of creativity. When we highlight and emphasize what’s good about our lives, we ascend to a level of consciousness that empowers us to create more of the same.

There are some who would have you believe that you shouldn’t be happy as long as there are things wrong with your life or the world. This idea is based on the notion that happiness is just a fleeting emotional sensation. At its deepest level, however, Joy is a creative force. When you feel good, you are in alignment with the very energy that creates worlds. And no state of being is more powerful or productive than that.

Waiting for your life to improve before you choose to be happy would be like the princess waiting for the frog to turn into a prince BEFORE she kissed it. It doesn’t work that way. At some point you just gotta pucker up and love all the ugly aspects of your life. Because you enjoy kissing frogs? No! Because your prince is trapped inside of there and you’re not going to let “being grossed out” keep you separate from him.

But you’ve gotta kiss the frog FIRST.

“I aint kissing that bleeping frog”, you may be thinking.

Well you don’t get to see the prince of your dreams until you chuck it up and kiss that ugly thing sitting over there.

“I’ll really live life once it becomes lovable” we think. But you have to love your life until it becomes livable.

That’s what tough-minded optimism is all about!

What are your thoughts?

Cheers 🙂

T.K. Coleman

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