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I am independent

The quality of my life is independent

I don’t need to have what others refer to as a “good day” in order to create a great life.

My seemingly bad days are simply opportunities for me to demonstrate the superiority of character over circumstance.

By choosing to be larger than my conditions, I teach others how to transcend their own stumbling blocks to happiness and inner peace.

My sense of enthusiasm is independent

I don’t need my life to be easy in order for it to be exciting.

My challenges are there to provoke my hidden creative powers and reveal my underestimated levels of intelligence.

By letting go of my resistance to life’s difficulties and inconveniences, I transform my trials into teachers who show me how to bring a sense of flair to every moment.

My success is independent

I don’t need to be protected from undesirable events and unpleasant elements in order to effectively achieve my goals.

My contrasting experiences constitute the very substance out of which my dreams are made.

By looking at unwanted conditions as the raw materials for my desires, I gain the ability to assimilate them into my creative process in meaningful and enriching ways.

My significance is independent

I don’t need to be void of enemies, critics, and naysayers in order to be validated as a person of great worth.

All disapproval and contempt directed at me is only confirmation that I am effectively shaking things up and actively creating change in the world.

By looking at opposition as a sign that I am challenging the status quo, I reinforce my conviction that I really am a part of an ongoing revolution to empower myself and others.

I am Independent

I am not defined by anything outside of my own nature as an expression of The Infinite.

I am not limited by anything other than the beliefs I choose to accept as a free individual.

I am independent because I always get to choose what I believe, what I do, and how I express what I already am.

T.K. Coleman

You ARE the opportunity: Moving beyond ideas of scarcity & competition

“A man’s gift will make room for him and give him access to great men.” -Proverbs 18:16

We live with the idea that we occupy a prepackaged world where all of the opportunities that will ever exist are already out there and our job is to find our place in that world.

The Jewish Proverb above challenges us to envision an expanding universe where the world literally creates space for the expression of our gifts when we act on them in Faith. It doesn’t say there will BE room for our gifts, but that our gifts will MAKE room. It doesn’t say we will DISCOVER opportunities for greatness, but that our creativity will MANIFEST the opportunities.

In other words, we are not here to compete with others over what already exists. We’re here to bring forth that which is yet to be. There is no room for you in this world and that’s a good thing. If there was, you’d be a waste of space because the whole point of your being here is to contribute to the expansion of the universe by adding your own uniqueness to the mix.

The notion of searching for our place in the world is based on the idea that we need to find some person or environment that gives us permission to be who we want to be. Many times we say we’re looking to find our niche when in reality we already know what our niche is and we’re just looking for evidence that things will work out if we act on what we already know.

In tomorrow’s post, I’ll give you my two cents on why I think this approach is problematic. I’ll tell you why I think the world of consensus opinion, market research, familial support, & historical precedent is an unreliable place to look when trying to figure out who you are and what you should do with your life.

I hope you’ll join me as I make yet another attempt at arguing for your possibilities.

Until then, create a great day!


T.K. Coleman

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I am a perfect unfolding of the wholeness of God

I am whole as is.

I am well as is.

I am wise as is.

My pace in life is not measured by clocks and calendars, but by my steady willingness to love myself more and more, bit by bit, day by day.

Rather than evaluating myself solely in terms of the results I achieve, I choose to express appreciation for the sincere efforts I have made to become more aware and expressive of the good within me.

I count even my frustrations as markers along the path, letting me know that I am moving into a larger sense of self in which older standards of happiness and success no longer apply.

Asserting my right to evaluate my life according to my own terms and values, I choose to transcend conventional understandings of “progress” in favor of a more nurturing point of view.

I affirm that I am whole.

I affirm that I am well.

I affirm that I am wise.

I possess none of these qualities for what I have done.

Yet, I embody them all for I am a perfect unfolding of the wholeness of God.

T.K. Coleman

I declare myself a being of Imagination

Today I choose to take my imagination seriously.

I choose to see the playful aspects of my character as powerful, pragmatic, and prudent.

I do not dismiss my unusual ideas as meaningless or random thoughts to be ignored by a mature mind. Instead, I allow myself to see those ideas as evidence of Eternity seeking to experience and express itself through me.

My imagination is not merely a generator of fanciful images nor is it simply a holding place for memories. It is the organ of faith through which I can apprehend and appropriate the unseen realities which guide me and empower me.

I honor my imagination as a gift from God bestowed upon me as the tool with which I will fulfill my personal destiny and contribute to the evolution of humanity as a whole.

With faith in the power of my spoken word and total confidence in the Universe’s willingness to accommodate my every creative intent, I declare myself a being of Imagination.

It is so and so it is!

T.K. Coleman

Confessions of a Tough-Minded Optimist: I am water

I am water.

Though I assume many forms, the essence of what I am remains formless.  

I cannot be grasped, but only experienced.
I can nourish you or destroy you, depending on how you choose to engage me.
Toss me into the heat and I will rise as steam.
Let the world freeze me with its coldness and I will become solid and strong as rock.
Shatter me into a thousand pieces and I will return again to my true nature as unbroken and undivided oneness.
T.K. Coleman
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