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Creating isn’t always sexy, but it’s always worth doing

If you spend enough time creating, you’ll inevitably lay a few bad eggs.

If you lay enough bad eggs, however, you’ll eventually hatch something that’s brilliant.

But, as wonderful as it is to do brilliant work, you don’t have to wait until you hatch something brilliant before you can impact the world. The mere act of honestly creating, in and of itself, can go a long way in infusing the world with much-needed inspiration.

Our world isn’t suffering from a lack of brilliance; it’s suffering from a lack of artistic vulnerability, a lack of thinkers and innovators who are willing to create with guts. We see examples of the remarkable every day. What we’re starving for, however, are a few more examples of people who are willing to show us that it’s okay to reveal ourselves and our art to the world even when our creative self doesn’t look sexy.

Feeling ugly and uninspired today? Then, by all means, please create something and share it with us. We need beauty, but more importantly, we need art that’s human.

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