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To Create Is To Evolve

Art is an opportunity for transformation.

When we create things, we recreate ourselves.

The creative process is reciprocal in this way. When we give our energy to it, it gives us a deeper quality of life in return.

This is the strongest argument, in my opinion, for why we should follow our passions.

The greatest reward for attempting to realize our dreams is not the prospect of receiving critical acclaim or financial remuneration; it’s the immeasurable thrill of gaining access to new dimensions of our own being.

When we engage in acts of creation, we catalyze our evolution.

Build something different. Make something new. Invent something cool.

You may not change the world, but you definitely wont remain the same.

Create or die

“You’re not gonna get picked. Dick Clarke has passed away. He’s not going to call and put you on American Bandstand. It’s over. And it’s being replaced by the awesome scary responsibility of picking yourself.” -Seth Godin

The age of the non-entrepreneur and the non-artist is dead.

Our generation can no longer afford the luxury of such casual, vague, and oversimplified distinctions.

The world is becoming an increasingly smaller space for those who allow themselves to be defined as uncreative or “not-in-charge.” 

It is now a create or die world.

In truth, it has always been a create or die world. But the faster moving pace of today’s society is exposing more quickly than ever before the illusion of security as a passively experienced phenomenon.

We get what we create and nothing else. The power to shape the world is in our hands.

It’s always been this way, but fortunately, it’s becoming increasingly harder to lie to ourselves about that fact.

This is wonderful news. And I’m thankful for it. 

What are YOU thankful for?

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