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Welcome to the Night Shift

If you’re on the East Coast, it’s right around 2am your time.

If you’re on the West Coast, it’s right around 11pm.

Either way, you’re right on time for The Praxis Night Shift:

Photo Design by Hannah Phillips

The Praxis Night Shift is a new spontaneous, stream of consciousness podcast with Praxis Marketing Director Derek Magill and yours truly. It’s like Coast to Coast AM meets Tim Ferris meets whatever late-night jazz radio show that comes to mind. That might be a stretch (or is it?), but after spending so many late nights working on Praxis while our East Coast partners prepare to put us to shame with their early morning productivity, we decided to put our night owl tendencies to creative use.

During our Night Shift episodes, we’ll aim to give you a more informal, light-hearted, and laid back look behind the scenes at Praxis. If you’re looking to get formal answers to formal questions about the program, you can always check out our FAQ here. But if you’re looking to get to know us while hearing us tackle some fun and sometimes odd questions from our listeners, tune into the night shift.

You can check out Episode 1 here:

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