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The Interim

Between the conception of a dream and its fulfillment, lies the path of noble boredom–the process of unearthing that which is Divine from the day-to-day details of the mundane.

This gap is the space where dreamers learn to become creators.

Creative visions supply us with inspiration.

Noteworthy achievements crown us with vindication.

In the interim, however, is the work.

And the work provides us with nothing more than an opportunity to show the universe that our dreams still matter to us even when they can’t offer us an escape from the ordinary.

Today’s dreams are for today

Procrastination isn’t natural nor is passivity.

We put things off because we’re afraid of failure, discomfort, or embarrassment. So, we decide to write a book “someday”, start a business “someday”, begin losing weight “someday”, make things right with our enemies “someday”, spend more time with friends “someday” and so on.

That’s not what we really want to do. That’s what we think we need to do when we feel unsupported by the powers that be.

Many great thinkers have challenged us to ask ourselves “What would you do if you knew it were impossible for you to fail?”

I’ve never heard anyone answer that question by saying “I’d wait for a sign” or “I’d think things through.”

Deep down inside, we all want to play in the mud. We’re just afraid of getting dirty. We all want to dive into the pool. We’re just afraid of drowning. We all want to fly high. We’re just afraid of crashing.

Action is awesome when you have awesome beliefs about action

Try to wake a child on a typical school day and they’ll struggle to get started. That same child needs no motivation on Christmas morning. They wake up earlier on Christmas than they have to on a school day and they jump out of bed with far more energy.

This is how we are designed. When we sincerely believe that something exciting is waiting ahead for us, we are eager to dive into action. But when we buy into discouraging thoughts about how painful or pointless our efforts are going to be, then even getting out of bed feels like a struggle.

Don’t treat the present moment like a typical school day. Get into a holiday state of mind. See today as a gift. Become excited to unwrap its potential. Know that something amazing awaits you.

The why and when of “begin”

Don’t begin because you’re afraid of losing opportunities. Begin because your dreams are not something you need to be afraid of.

Don’t begin because you feel the need to force your good into manifestation. Begin because life was meant to feel good and there’s no need for you to force yourself to contain your God-given enthusiasm.

Don’t begin because you have to. Begin because it is always fun to begin when you know you’ll win in the end.

The power and passion to realize your dreams exists today.

Tomorrow has it’s own dreams. Today’s dreams are for today. That’s why they make you feel alive when you think about them today.


T.K. Coleman

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