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Creativity is who you are

Creating isn’t the same as art-making. Creating is the process of transcending or releasing the elements of resistance that block us from speaking, writing, making, or doing whatever would naturally express itself through us in the absence of artificial obstruction. Whenever we embrace and execute the ideas and impulses that resonate with us, we are creating.

The process of creating reveals to us the secrets of our own soul.

Many have failed to discover the wellsprings of life within themselves, however, because they were convinced nobody wanted to hear what they had to say.

Is creating worth the time when we don’t even have a following?

Even if the world doesn’t want what we have to offer, we still need to creatively express ourselves in order to evolve.

The prolonged suppression of the heart’s creative impulses inevitably results in dis-ease at one level or another. More cases of sickness and stress than what is typically supposed, is the result of denying safe passageways to the life-giving energies of the soul.

We are conditioned by consumer culture to cease creative efforts which have no apparent market value. Once a person is past the age of having a “realistic” chance of becoming a professional pianist, for instance, he may well be advised to channel his energy along more productive and profitable lines, leaving creative endeavors behind for those who have hopes of making a career of it.

There is a side to creativity, however, which has nothing to do with markets, products, and revenue projections.

Creation IS evolution

Creativity is spiritual practice.

Having been made in the image and likeness of God, we were all brought forth with the express purpose of being creators. The willingness to form ideas and move them towards manifestation is what makes us god-like.

To create is to evolve. On the other side of every creative journey stands the person we’re meant to become.

When we hesitate to take the risk of creativity, we risk missing the discovery of our own divinity.

Creativity is who you are. Let nothing keep you separate from experiencing the joy of that for yourself.

Do what you came here to do so you can see how beautiful you were meant to be.

Cheers 🙂

T.K. Coleman

The Universe doesn’t do background checks

The Universe responds to the quality of energy you radiate NOT to the background stories you tell about why you’re radiating that particular quality of energy.

Let’s use money as an example;

If you walk into a supermarket, you either have enough money to buy the things you need or you don’t.

When you’re ready to make a purchase, the cashier is only interested in whether you have sufficient funds to make your purchase. They don’t want to know your stories about how your current financial condition came to be.

Your stories don’t have any purchasing power.

They might be funny, entertaining, logical, scientific, religious,  heartbreaking, or whatever, but as a general rule, you can’t buy things with your stories.

You either have the money or you don’t. It’s put up or shut up.

Your attention is a form of energy. The flow of your attention is currency.

Your ability to create the life you love depends on your committment to harnessing the energy of your attention in a productive and prosperous way.

Either you’re going to do that or you’re not. Your stories about why you’re doing that or not doing that, isn’t where the power lies. The power lies in what you actually do.

Are you spending your attention on what you love or are you busy telling background stories about why you squander your focus on what you hate?

T.K. Coleman

Creativity is the New Currency

Our connection to Source Energy is the creative power which allows us to obtain the vibrational essence of anything we desire.

All visible forms of currency (ie. Money), are only partial, tangible, symbolic representations of this power. Money is an “effect” and our connection to Source Energy is the “cause.” This connection to Source Energy, along with the emotional freedom it brings, is the true meaning of “Abundance.” This state of “Abundance” is not limited to Money being its only means of manifestation. It is capable of taking on an indefinite number of forms. Hence, a lack of financial resources in one’s life does not necessarily imply a lack of creative power.

We always have the ability to align with the Energy that creates worlds regardless of our financial condition. There isn’t enough Money in the Universe to compensate for a lack of alignment. The peace & prosperity of knowing your Authentic Self can never be bought with visible forms of currency. Alignment, however, even in the absence of Money, has no limitations on what it allows us to create.

The key to Abundance is to practice the art of looking at our creative power as an Absolute Reality which exists independently of ALL external conditions INCLUDING Money. As we turn our attention away from effects like Money and we invest our life energy in deepening our connection to Source Energy, we will begin to capture the mood of abundance in our daily life. As we abide in this feeling, making it our home, we will manifest a life experience in which the world behaves in perfect consistency with our innate sense of prosperity. Whether this experience actually involves Money or not is irrelevant.

Our connection to Source Energy, our creative power of thought, and our blissful state of emotional freedom will be the invisible currency by which desired things are obtained. What kind of visible outfit this invisible currency wears is all a matter of pure entertainment. As the philosopher Neville Goddard once remarked, “your faith is your fortune.”

That’s my two cents and it’s worth a lot more than two cents.

Cheers to an abundant life,

T.K. Coleman

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My life is a prayer. My existence is an act of meditation.

“It is easy in solitude to live after your own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude.” -Ralph Walso Emerson
I am capable of finding my alignment under any conditions. I possess the flexibility necessary to connect to my Highest Self even when I am busy and on the go. Whether I am alone or in a crowd, I know how to maintain a positive vibration. By learning to see everyone and everything as an expression of Source-Energy, I can transform every experience into an opportunity for enlightenment, expansion, and evolution.

Prayer and meditation are not isolated activities separate from the whole of life. They are states of consciousness where my attention and intention is directed towards the higher energies of Spirit. Through patience, practice, and persistent self-love, I can cultivate this state of consciousness.

I do not always have to be doing what I love in order to feel my connection to God.

When I am doing what I do not love, I will find that which is loveable in what I am doing. When I am with who I do not love, I will find that which is loveable in who I am with. When I am in places I do not love, I will find that which is loveable in the places I am in.

Unconditional Love means there is no condition, however stressful or unpleasant, where I am incapable of focusing on and finding that which is an expression of the God who is Love.

Nothing can get in the way of my alignment because I have the divine ability to use every situation as a tool with which to facilitate and further my own evolution. No one can interfere with my ability to connect with Source, because I know how to see the Source in everyone.

From this state of knowing, I declare that my life is a prayer. I affirm my existence as an act of meditation.

I do not need to go to an exotic place or a quiet space in order to find resonance with the peace and power within. The place where I am is my place of connection.

Now is the moment. Now is the opportunity. Now is the freedom I have always sought.

It is so and so it is!

T.K. Coleman

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I go dancing with my thoughts

Have you ever danced with a thought? Have you ever made love to an idea?

Do those questions sound crazy to you?

Well, what about these questions;

Have you ever disagreed with a thought? Have you ever analyzed an idea?

Why does the first set of questions sound so absurd while the other questions seem perfectly normal?

If you’re open, I would like to invite you to play around for a moment with a different way of thinking about thinking.

None of what follows is the absolute truth. It’s just a thought experiment. But some interesting discoveries can be made while conducting thought-experiments, so let’s see where this one takes us.

Light, sound, and perception

Basic Physics tells us that an electromagnetic wave is experienced as light when it is perceived with the eye.

That same electromagnetic wave is experienced as sound when perceived with the ear.

One wave.
The same vibratory activity.
Two different ways of experiencing it.

Whether or not you SEE LIGHT or HEAR SOUND all depends on the organ you use to apprehend electromagnetic wave activity.

The reality behind these two varying experiences is the same, but it’s the way we process it that determines if we perceive it as light, sound, or something altogether different.

Here’s my question for you:

If there’s more than one way to experience electromagnetic energy, is it also possible that there is more than one way to experience other familiar forms of energy? 

Is there more than one way to experience a thought?

In a way that is analogous to electromagnetic energy, what we call “thoughts” can be viewed as a form of mental energy. From one point of view, thoughts can be described as ”the vibratory activity of consciousness.” Let’s call them “thought-waves” for now. 

When we attempt to apprehend “thought-waves” with the mind, we experience them as ideas.

What we call an “idea” can be viewed as merely one way of experiencing “thought-waves.”

Now, what if “thought-waves” are more than just ideas? What if they also have an inner core or energetic essence that can be directly felt with the heart?

The mind can certainly lead to many interesting discoveries, but what if the heart can take us straight to the inner essence of an “idea”?

In other words, what if the energy behind an idea was expressing something that could be grasped differently or more fully with the heart?

The Energy behind the activity of thought

For ages, mystics and poets have affirmed that Consciousness or Infinite Intelligence is the Source and Substance of all that is.

They claimed to experience the activity of this Consciousness as a Living Energy and a Felt Presence.

This Energy, we’re told, isn’t just mathematical. It’s also musical. It vibrates. It moves. It’s also personal. It feels. It breathes. 

This Energy, they say, does not wish to be contemplated with the mind alone. It wishes to be engaged with the heart. It longs to connect with us at a level of experience that transcends the boundaries of thought. 

Bringing Ideas to life

We’ve been taught that ideas are lifeless.  But are they?

We’ve been trained to see concepts as cold and abstract. But are they?

We’ve been conditioned to think of thoughts as impersonal. But are they?

What if the millions of thoughts that pass us by on any given day are not JUST thoughts?

What if so-called “ideas”are simply our head’s one dimensional interpretation of a higher multidimensional reality?

What if we just haven’t been taught how to perceive this energy we experience as thoughts in a way that goes beyond the mind?

Thinking with the heart-brain

Eastern Orthodox monks often spoke of something called “The Prayer of the Heart” where a state is attained in which “the mind descends into the heart.”

The “Prayer of the Heart” is a form of meditation that is said to lead to a mode of knowing that transcends logic. Through this state one is able to directly encounter the “Uncreated Energy of God” which lies behind all phenomena, mental and physical.

What would happen if we all dared to “wax monastic” a bit by thinking with our heart-brain rather than JUST using our head-brain?

What kinds of experiences are we capable of opening ourselves up to when we playfully explore life in this manner?

What we regard as mystical or supernatural just might become more of the norm.

We just might find ourselves doing seemingly magical things like dancing with our thoughts and making love to our ideas.

If such a concept sounds unthinkable, then perhaps that’s a clue that there’s room for us to open up to broader ways of thinking.

But that’s just a feeling I have.

Feel me?

T.K. Coleman

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