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Stop Looking For A Job

Instead of just asking for a job, take some time to research the company you’re thinking about working for. Then make a proposal that promises to add value in a specific way that you’re uniquely qualified to do.

Getting a job is similar to getting someone to be your friend. No one will be interested in hanging out with you if you come off as desperate for attention and too eager to take whatever you can get. Companies, just like people, want to feel special. They want to feel as if you’re genuinely interested in them. They want to feel as if you’ve put some thought and energy into the idea that it would truly be a win-win for both parties to work together.

Lots of people are out there looking for jobs. Lots of people feel desperate. It’s okay if you start out as one of them. But if you want to set yourself apart from the crowd, start thinking of yourself as a business and start thinking of the companies you want to work for as potential clients.

Take yourself seriously, know your value, and be ready to sell people on why it would profit them to work with you. Don’t carry yourself as if you need someone to do you a favor. Carry yourself like someone who’s ready to take your potential employer to the next level.

Don’t just look for a job. Create an opportunity to make a difference.

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