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“Look with wonder at that which is before you”

“Look with wonder at that which is before you.” -Florence Scovell Shinn

For better or worse, our past is behind us. As physical realities, past events no longer exist. The only life they have is as thought patterns in the mind. Any pain or pleasure we feel is a present reality exacerbated or mitigated by the thoughts we currently hold. Our past cannot neither oppress nor liberate us. Only our present moment thoughts about the past can hold us back or propel us forward.

Our past is not who we are. It is merely a recollection of those experiences which we can use or misuse in the process of defining who we will become.

Ernest Holmes wrote: “We have the ability to initiate new chains of causation.”

A “chain of causation” is a sequence of events where that which has already occurred serves as the determining factor for that which is yet to be. When we recognize our personal identity to be a separate phenomenon from what happens to us, we sever the links in our causal chain and make way for the construction of an entirely new life track.

We can set ourselves free from the regrets and seeming restrictions imposed on us by our prior choices and previous circumstances. The fixed nature of the past is no match for a mind that is fixed upon its freedom to create a new reality.

“So let us look with wonder at that which is before us”, knowing that what lies ahead will not be the continuation of sorrow and suffering, but the deliberation creation of the revolutionary and the remarkable.


T.K. Coleman

Be The Power

We do not merely believe in the existence of a higher power.

We affirm ourselves to be extensions & expressions of that which is the very Essence of Power.

We recognize this power to be part & parcel of our own selves.

We  do not settle for the knowledge that we’ve been made BY this power. Nor are content to merely affirm that we have come FROM this power. We ARE this power in action for this power is the very Source of creation acting out the role of our individuality.

We are not in the process of reaching out to something outside of our own nature for help.

We are delving down into the core of what we are and rediscovering what Ernest Holmes called “the God-power at the center of every person’s being.”

We have the power to live powerful lives because we are the power!

T.K. Coleman

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