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There’s less time than we think

What if the person you’re “beefing” with, in a fight with, or holding a grudge against died tonight?

How would you feel knowing that your last interaction with them was defined more by the need to be right than by the willingness to say “I love you, I appreciate you, I need you”?

Two of my best friends died before they turned 30. In both cases, I wished my last interactions with them were different from what they actually were.

“We have time”, “I’ll get it right”, “I’ll call them soon.” The Cosmic Clock has no respect for those statements. Death does not seek the permission of our well-meaning intentions.

Your opportunity to make it right is now. Your opportunity to say “I love you” is now.

Everything else is a gamble.


I refuse to get bitter. Not because I love other people so much, but because I love myself too much to allow my positive energy to be wasted and consumed by the hatred of another person.

We have all been offended at some point in our lives. We have all felt betrayed or let down.

The temptation to harbor feelings of resentment towards someone who seems to create inconveniences in our lives is present on an almost daily basis.

I am not here to tell you to go find your enemies and give them a hug. I am here to tell you to have enough respect for your future to let it go.

“Just like that?”

Just like that!

The moment you allow yourself to be filled with bitterness, you have just become a psychological slave to the person you are angry at. The only way you can free yourself is by liberating that other person from the prison of unforgiveness that you are holding them in.

I know it’s not easy, but your destiny is at stake.

In the end, resentment is the ultimate enemy. It robs you of your focus and rapidly diminishes your creative powers.

For the sake of your purpose in life. For the sake of your higher good. For the sake of your own health. For the sake of those whom you have been called to positively influence, choose to forgive.

That’s today’s two cents.


T.K. Coleman

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