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Even when life is hard, it can be easy

There are two kinds of ease; internal ease and external ease.

Internal ease refers to the sense of relief you feel in the absence of resistance. It’s the by-product of how successfully you conquer or cope with the bullshit inside of your own head.

External ease refers to the relative absence of challenging circumstances. It’s the by-product of not being inconvenienced. This is the kind of “happily ever after” ease we see at the end of Disney movies.

When someone says “life is hard” or “it’s never easy”, you might want to pay close attention to which sense of the word “ease” they’re using. If they mean, “you’re going to have circumstances you can’t control”, then they’re right. If they mean, “you can’t control the amount of resistance you feel”, then there’s room for debate.

Since contrast is an essential part of personal growth, you’ll always have some challenging circumstances to address, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose the battle against the bullshit inside of your head.

What you do with your resistance is always up to you.

Have you ever seen those olympic athletes who make it look easy? Well, it’s NOT easy. That’s just how they make it look. They make it look that way because, even though their competitive events are extremely challenging (on the outside), they’re in a total state of composure and control (on the inside).

“Having it easy” doesn’t have to mean sunshine, rainbows, and lollipops every moment of the day. “Having it easy” can simply be the process of fostering self-love, self-mastery, and self-determination even in the presence of events that seem complex or out of control.

Life doesn’t have to be hard, because hard circumstances don’t get to define your life.

You can have an easy life, regardless of how hard it is, if you take it easy on yourself and release the self-defeating ideas that keep you from dropping your resistance here and now.

It’s not an easy process, but as long as you don’t resent that simple fact, it can sure as hell feel like it.

At least that’s my two cents,

T.K. Coleman

If everything you’ve tried has failed

“There is a method that works. Find it.” -Julien Smith

Why I’m not a professional basketball player

There was a 6′ 6″ kid at my high school who couldn’t dunk a basketball. I couldn’t dunk a basketball either, but I had a legitimate excuse; I was only 5’9″.

“If I was HIS height, I’d be in the National Basketball Association”, I muttered to my best friend who was 5’3″. “Yeah, and if I was YOUR height”, he interrupted, “I would be in the National Basketball Association.”

It’s all too easy to look at someone else’s situation as easier than ours. How much greater our lives would be, we suppose, if we only possessed another person’s advantages. But relative to someone else, we ARE that other person. There’s always someone looking at how “easy” we have it while imagining all the amazing feats they’d be performing if they had the luxury of living in our shoes.

When it comes down to it, our lives are what they are because of what we do or don’t do with what we have.

I’m not a professional basketball player because I didn’t commit to being one. Spud Webb is 5’7″, Earl Boykins is 5’5″, and Muggsy Bogues is 5’3″. All three of them, plus several others who are under 6 feet, have played in the NBA.

My height didn’t stop me from playing in the NBA. I stopped myself.

Your life is easier than you think

No matter who you are and how difficult your life seems to be, there is someone achieving the results you want in spite of the fact that they face challenges you’re blessed to live without.

There are people with less money, less connections, less talent, less looks, less time, less intelligence, less advantages, and they’re somehow finding a way to get it done.

Never let yourself believe that life fails to work for you because you’re uniquely disadvantaged. There are tools, techniques, and tips that will work for you as long as you refuse to stop trying.

If everything you’ve tried has failed, that only means everything you’ve tried has failed. It doesn’t mean you’ve tried everything.

There’s a way for you to create what you want. Stop objecting, start looking, stay open, and keep working.

Your dreams are worth the effort.

T.K. Coleman

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