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In case I die in my sleep tonight

alex grey

“If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern.” -William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

My dying wish is that before you leave this life, your soul awakens to poetry; that your capacity to be moved by music is aroused; that you find a way to conquer your fear of dancing; and that a genuine love for beauty springs forth from your inner being like a flower in bloom.

Should you allow these experiences to unfold, your salvation, your enlightenment, and your freedom will inevitably follow.

For there is nothing in heaven that is not also in art.

If I die in my sleep tonight, please tell the world that this was my message.

If I survive the night, save these words for a future date.

For one day, it will make a fitting eulogy. And when that day comes, I beg you to exploit my funeral for the sake of art, creativity, and a sense of the possible.

Downplay my death and irreverently use the occasion as just another opportunity to remind the world to live from the eternal and boundless space of imagination.

Creativity is the New Currency

Our connection to Source Energy is the creative power which allows us to obtain the vibrational essence of anything we desire.

All visible forms of currency (ie. Money), are only partial, tangible, symbolic representations of this power. Money is an “effect” and our connection to Source Energy is the “cause.” This connection to Source Energy, along with the emotional freedom it brings, is the true meaning of “Abundance.” This state of “Abundance” is not limited to Money being its only means of manifestation. It is capable of taking on an indefinite number of forms. Hence, a lack of financial resources in one’s life does not necessarily imply a lack of creative power.

We always have the ability to align with the Energy that creates worlds regardless of our financial condition. There isn’t enough Money in the Universe to compensate for a lack of alignment. The peace & prosperity of knowing your Authentic Self can never be bought with visible forms of currency. Alignment, however, even in the absence of Money, has no limitations on what it allows us to create.

The key to Abundance is to practice the art of looking at our creative power as an Absolute Reality which exists independently of ALL external conditions INCLUDING Money. As we turn our attention away from effects like Money and we invest our life energy in deepening our connection to Source Energy, we will begin to capture the mood of abundance in our daily life. As we abide in this feeling, making it our home, we will manifest a life experience in which the world behaves in perfect consistency with our innate sense of prosperity. Whether this experience actually involves Money or not is irrelevant.

Our connection to Source Energy, our creative power of thought, and our blissful state of emotional freedom will be the invisible currency by which desired things are obtained. What kind of visible outfit this invisible currency wears is all a matter of pure entertainment. As the philosopher Neville Goddard once remarked, “your faith is your fortune.”

That’s my two cents and it’s worth a lot more than two cents.

Cheers to an abundant life,

T.K. Coleman

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The Coin of Heaven

“Thought is the coin of heaven. You must stop spending your thoughts, time, and money. Everything in life must be an investment. Stop all of the old mechanical negative inner talking and start a new positive and constructive inner speech from premises of fulfilled desire. Any time we feel misunderstood, misused, neglected, suspicious, afraid, we are spending our thoughts and wasting our time. Whenever we assume the feeling of being what we want to be, we are investing. We cannot abandon the moment to negative inner talking and expect to retain command of life.” –Neville Goddard

Imagination is the “coin of heaven.” It is the invisible currency which makes the attainment of all desires possible.

If a man can enter into the feeling state of already being that which he seeks to become, then he will have purchased the rights with the currency of imagination to experience that state as a physical reality.

Within us all is the capacity to revolutionize our lives through the creative power of thought. Whatever our circumstantial limitations may be, imagination is that which no external condition can devalue or depreciate.

Where our outer resources seem to be lacking, the inner resources of an open and creative mind are always overflowing with an infinite abundance of possibilities. Man only needs to look inside at the invisible treasure-house within and he will discover the coin of heaven, his own beautiful imagination, whereby anything he desires can be procured.

Sylvia Brown one said “whatever you ardently desire, vividly imagine, and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass.”

Let us dare to manifest the very best as we cease squandering our mental capital on ideas of limitation.

May we invest every thought in the contemplation of what we would like to become until our imagination is set on fire and consumes all that stands between us and the fulfillment of our destiny.

What are your thoughts and what are you spending them on?

T.K. Coleman

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86% of your week is problem free Pt 2

Yesterday’s post (click here to read) addressed the idea that our problems, measured as physical events occurring in real-time, constitute a very small percentage of  our actual lives. Yet, these “small” problems seem to set the tone of our entire day. A 15 minute argument with a co-worker can amount to a week’s worth of sleeplessness. Let’s talk a bit about why this happens.

Most problems are imaginary

One of the primary reasons that small problems seem to consume so much of our energy is because we’re conditioned to use our imagination against ourselves.

Not only do we argue with the “jerks” at work, but we take them home with us in our imaginations and continue our debates. We fantasize about what we should have said or will say next time. Not only do we embarrass ourselves at work, but we actively choose to subject ourselves to the experience over and over again by reenacting it in our imagination.

It’s bad enough when others seem to create trouble for us. It’s even tougher when we create trouble for ourselves by voluntarily meditating on unpleasant experiences.

It seems that in many cases where “bad” events do happen to us, our greatest problem lies in how we use our imaginations to sustain and amplify the existence of the event.

If you can’t find it on a map, it’s in your mind

As physical events, most of your unpleasant encounters don’t even exist anymore. They’re nowhere “out there” for you to find.

That embarrassing moment you had last month when you put your foot in your mouth? You’d have to hop into a time machine to find it now.

The guy who cut you off in traffic this morning is not in front of you right now. He’s somewhere having the time of his life at a pool party while you can’t even enjoy your dinner because you keep talking about him.

Get inside of your own head before someone else does

Most of your troubles exist primarily in the mental world of memory, imagination, and interpretation.

If you can just get control of that, you can significantly reduce the amount of daily stress, frustration, and unhappiness you feel.

Resist the temptation to start dwelling on the things you can’t change (ie. past events that don’t exist anymore).

Focus more on what’s going on inside of you and you’ll have a lot more psychological and physical energy available for the more difficult problems.

In the future, I’ll be talking more about how you can reduce stress by reorganizing and gaining more control over the contents of consciousness.

For now, that’s today’s two cents.


T.K. Coleman

I declare myself a being of Imagination

Today I choose to take my imagination seriously.

I choose to see the playful aspects of my character as powerful, pragmatic, and prudent.

I do not dismiss my unusual ideas as meaningless or random thoughts to be ignored by a mature mind. Instead, I allow myself to see those ideas as evidence of Eternity seeking to experience and express itself through me.

My imagination is not merely a generator of fanciful images nor is it simply a holding place for memories. It is the organ of faith through which I can apprehend and appropriate the unseen realities which guide me and empower me.

I honor my imagination as a gift from God bestowed upon me as the tool with which I will fulfill my personal destiny and contribute to the evolution of humanity as a whole.

With faith in the power of my spoken word and total confidence in the Universe’s willingness to accommodate my every creative intent, I declare myself a being of Imagination.

It is so and so it is!

T.K. Coleman

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