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Be an explorer of eternal life

“To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour.” -William Blake

We were all born to live eternally.

This Eternal Life, however, is not simply the phenomenon of existing for a really long time. It is the joyful art of opening up to a realm outside of time and channeling the energy of that realm into everyday experience.

In categorical terms, “The Eternal” is a matter of quality not quantity. It is not the story of how long we live, but simply how we live. Eternity is a state of being and, as such, we do not merely live FOR it, but we live FROM it.

Like the children of Narnia who discover a magical portal concealed within a seemingly ordinary wardrobe, we can all have our mystical moment in which we decide to move deeper down the corridor of the soul until we stumble upon the “Kingdom of God Within” and find ourselves living a life that is nothing short of the fantastic.

This isn’t something we have to wait for. It doesn’t require a rapture event or an Armageddon scenario. We can each step through into eternity right here and right now for we are the door and the destination.

We do this simply by letting go of the idea that it is an object or place “out there” to be possessed and we open to the notion of Eternity as a Consciousness-Energy Field that we can tune into.

When we focus our attention in a life-giving way, our heart opens to life like the petals of a sunflower and we become recipients and transmitters of The Light. We become “in tune with the Infinite” and synchronized with Source.

Life is about so much more than just “getting through the day.” Let’s aim higher. Instead of seeking to get through the day, let’s endeavor to bring a consciousness of eternity to the day in every way.

Will you explore with me?

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