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The world’s fascination with your heartbreak is not a priority

I remember a time in my life when my heart was broken from a failed relationship. After a few months of processing my feelings, I opened my heart and was ready to give myself a chance at life again. Many of my acquaintances, however, wanted to know all the juicy details of what went wrong and how it all happened. Each time I was asked, I respectfully indulged their desire to know the story behind my broken heart. And with each retelling, the act became more and more tiresome. Eventually, I started to tell people, “I’m sorry. I know your questions are sincere and that you have a genuine interest in making sense of my past, but my determination to close this chapter of my life requires me to stop telling this story over and over again.” Once I made that change, my journey was on its way forward again, and I was able to fully release my pain.

Here’s today’s two cents:

Don’t let another person’s curiosity get in the way of your opportunity to overcome the traumatic experiences that have happened to you.

You have a right to let go of your past and if you’re not ready to let it go, then you have the right to process your memories and emotions on your own terms.

Either way, don’t allow yourself to be held hostage by unjustified demands for information about your private life.

If YOU still need to discuss your past in order to gain healing or closure, that’s fine. But make sure the discussions are for YOU and YOUR benefit.

Your healing comes first. The world’s fascination with your heartbreak comes last.

Forget the past. Let’s talk about you instead.

“The universe doesn’t care about your past. It is blind to it. The universe doesn’t care that I wore pink pants in high school. (Hey, remember Miami Vice?) The universe doesn’t care that I got in a fight with Francis Franken and lost. The universe doesn’t care about your MBA from UCLA, your drug-dealing father, or that you wet your bed in junior high. The universe simply doesn’t care. One person and one person only weaponizes past transgressions: you.” – M.J. DeMarco

Plain and simple; The Universe doesn’t do background checks.

People may judge you according to your personal history, but the Universe at large is responding to your own beliefs and actions.

What we are transcends history. Our beingness emanates from that which is beyond space and our identity can never be determined by the stories we create from within time.

To accept failure, mediocrity, and suffering as the unalterable effects of prior causes, is to become identified with a mental construct that represents only a portion of the Infinite Potential we’re capable of expressing.

You don’t have to come from a past of well-being in order to create a future of well-being, because the essence of who you are is well-being.

Let no one’s definition of you become more prominent in your thinking than the awareness you possess of your individual right to self-determination.

You define you. If you’ve failed to create a past that you’re proud of, then excercise your power to re-define what that past means for your future.

Let go of all memories which no longer serve you and resolve to actualize Tomorrow’s brightest possibilities.

Create a great day and manifest a beautiful future,

T.K. Coleman

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