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Writing Begins Within

A man doesn’t write with his pen. He writes with his mind.

The tools and techniques of one’s craft are secondary to the concepts and convictions that move him to create.

Without ideas, and the inspiration they provide, the instrument is rendered irrelevant.

Let he who desires to write, also desire to think. 

A man’s conversations with the world are rooted in the conversations he has with himself.

Freedom Is A Pre-political Pursuit

Liberty is a lifestyle and the quest for freedom is a pre-political pursuit.

Man must not only express his desire to be free through the establishment of institutions and laws that respect his individual rights, but he must also, with equal or greater fervor, strive to maintain a sense of his own creative power as the predominant causative force in his everyday life.

The philosophical and psychological sector, where concepts are currency and pronoia is product, is the primary environment in which man should seek to thrive.

Self-knowledge. Self-love. Self-determination.

Freedom of the mind. Freedom of the heart. Freedom of the will.

All outer freedoms are merely extensions of these more fundamental inner freedoms.

Interior Depth

“Wisest is he who knows that he does not know.” -Socrates

When a man finds answers, he acquires knowledge.

When a man wrestles with questions, he acquires interior depth.

A good education facilitates the acquisition of both.

The greatest disservice one can perform towards his own growth is to limit his inquiries and pursuits to questions that are answerable.

Only in the tension of uncertainty is confidence born and character won.

Facts satisfy the mind, but mysteries strengthen the soul.

It doesn’t mean anything until you choose it

“We are our choices.” -Jean-Paul Sartre

We are set apart not by the size of our wanting, but by the intensity of our doing.

“What do I want?” reveals my fantasies but determines nothing.

“What am I willing to pay?” reveals my character and determines everything.

A man’s life equals what he actually chooses to create. Beyond that, there is nothing else.

Without focused action, a life and its dreams are condemned to the status of an aimlessly wandering ghost with neither a voice to tell its story nor a body with which to make its presence felt.


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