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Introducing Small Business Edge (New Podcast)

I am now the host of the new podcast series Small Business Edge.

In the sea of entrepreneurship content for startups and solopreneurs, small business entrepreneurs are sometimes overlooked. As a result, they often don’t have the support and knowledge to grow and prosper in their business. Small Business Edge exists to share the stories and wisdom of successful small business entrepreneurs.

In our introductory episode, Ceterus CEO Levi Morehouse joins the show to discuss how Small Business Edge and Ceterus help to empower small business entrepreneurs, and what you can expect from future episodes of the Small Business Edge Podcast.

Check out the episode below:

To hear more episodes, subscribe to our show on itunes here or listen via YouTube here. To follow Ceterus on twitter, click here. To follow me on twitter, click here.

I hope you enjoy the show.


T.K. Coleman

Kathy Kinney on life in Hollywood, the pursuit of happiness, & the power of literacy

Kathy KinneyOn the latest episode of Conversations with FiFi & TK, Kathy Kinney (Mrs. P and The Drew Carey show) joined Fiona MacNeil & I to discuss her personal life philosophy, her passion for helping others, her recent efforts to support literacy among children, and her thoughts on how to live a more fulfilling life.

You can listen to the podcast in two ways:

1) Listen right here on the blog by clicking the play button below.

2) Listen via our channel on Podomatic by clicking here.

Also feel free to subscribe to our podcast on itunes by clicking here

I hope you enjoy.


T.K. Coleman

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