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Confessions of a tough-minded optimist: I choose to evolve!

Today I will myself into a new dimension of selfhood.

The problems which defined my past are morphing into the substance which will form my future.

Old ideas & limiting perspectives are falling away while confidence & certainty takes its place.

Habitual patterns of negative reaction have been dissolved by the inner knowledge that I create my own reality.

I no longer believe. I know.

T.K Coleman

Confessions of a tough-minded optimist: I am the creator of my experience!

My life, my mood, and my thoughts are never the effect of other people’s actions or outside events.

I am always at cause.

The things “I do not like” are simply those things I have summoned into my experience for the purpose of my own evolutionary progress.

Problems are merely the tools I use to create a new & improved version of my ever expanding self.

T.K. Coleman

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