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Dear Everyone,

Whoever and wherever you are, I wish you nothing but freedom.

The things you believe, say, and do, even if they annoy me or make me uncomfortable, will never ever extinguish the fire within me that burns for the freedom of all (including yours).

My desire for the liberation of all individuals won’t be compromised by personal vendettas nor will it be weakened by the sometimes irritating actions of people on the left, people on the right, people in the middle, or people who couldn’t care less about those kinds of labels.

I am not a proponent of freedom because my life happens to be going really well right now. I am not a proponent of freedom because freedom is where the money is. I am not a proponent of freedom because everyone likes me. I am not a proponent of freedom in order to get back at someone I dislike.

I am not a proponent of freedom as a reaction to current events or recent political debates. I am not a proponent of freedom because of what some celebrity randomly happens to believe this week. I am not a proponent of freedom because I think freedom is edgy, trendy, and provocative.

I am not a proponent of freedom because I went to a conference where someone told me that freedom was easy.

I am a proponent of freedom because freedom is life. I am a proponent of freedom because without a deep and abiding respect for individual rights and personal autonomy there’s no sense in being a proponent for anything else.

There are an indefinite number of things one can react to in this life. Whatever there is to react to, however, I have no plans to react in a way that leads me or anyone else away from freedom. Freedom is my cause, not my effect.

So whoever and wherever you are, I wish you nothing but freedom.

Be free in whatever way you know how to be. And if there’s anything I can do to encourage your journey, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Yours freely,


Welcome to the Night Shift

If you’re on the East Coast, it’s right around 2am your time.

If you’re on the West Coast, it’s right around 11pm.

Either way, you’re right on time for The Praxis Night Shift:

Photo Design by Hannah Phillips

The Praxis Night Shift is a new spontaneous, stream of consciousness podcast with Praxis Marketing Director Derek Magill and yours truly. It’s like Coast to Coast AM meets Tim Ferris meets whatever late-night jazz radio show that comes to mind. That might be a stretch (or is it?), but after spending so many late nights working on Praxis while our East Coast partners prepare to put us to shame with their early morning productivity, we decided to put our night owl tendencies to creative use.

During our Night Shift episodes, we’ll aim to give you a more informal, light-hearted, and laid back look behind the scenes at Praxis. If you’re looking to get formal answers to formal questions about the program, you can always check out our FAQ here. But if you’re looking to get to know us while hearing us tackle some fun and sometimes odd questions from our listeners, tune into the night shift.

You can check out Episode 1 here:

The Praxis Mindset, Value-Creation, The Rise of Apprenticeships, & The Sleep in Your Car Test

Last night Praxis CEO Isaac Morehouse made an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss the value of apprenticeships as an alternative to the “college is the one right path for everyone” doctrine.


In this brief five minute segment, Isaac shares his thoughts on college debt, finding employment, the sleep in your car test, the importance of orienting education around value-creation, and how the Praxis program works.

You can check out his appearance on the show here:

To learn more about the Praxis program, check out our FAQ here.


College, Education, & Alternative Schooling: A Panel Discussion with the IHomeschool Network

Have you ever wondered about alternatives to college? College alternatives are on the rise, and now more than ever, there are several college alternatives available for all high school graduates. Join the bloggers of iHomeschool Network as we discuss those college alternatives.

Today I had the pleasure of participating in the above-described Google Hangout Session with the IHomeschool Network.

It was a fun time.

If you’d like to check it out, feel free to click here.


T.K. Coleman

Praxis: A Real World Education

The main goal of Praxis is to offer knowledge, experience, and educational resources with an emphasis on helping our participants 1) discover what they truly want and 2) improve their ability to actually create value in the marketplace.

Our new commercial introduces the first Praxis class and delves into a bit more detail on how the program is creating options for those who are looking for a real world education.

To watch the Praxis commercial, click here.

To read our most recent newsletter, click here.


T.K. Coleman

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