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I allow ease

Today I allow the process of personal development to be easy.

Instead of reflexively dismissing this suggestion as absurd or impossible, I choose to open my mind to horizons which transcend precedent.

Using the same critical thinking skills i apply in everyday life, I consciously decide to question any and all assumptions about what I cannot do.

There are tools which I have not yet tried. There are things which I have not yet studied. There are thoughts which I have not yet contemplated. There are techniques which I have not yet considered.

I have not exhausted all options for developing my sense of spiritual consciousness and personal mastery.

I have every reason to believe that my difficulties are the result of beliefs, mental habits, conceptual schemas, and spiritual practices which do not serve me in my efforts to live a more prosperous and peaceful life.

Rather than reject the pursuit of happiness as tough or troublesome, I reject those beliefs, habits, and practices which make it appear difficult.

Everything is easy once I learn how to do it and I am fully capable of learning how to see life in new ways.

Being happy does not need to be difficult. Even if being happy was difficult in the past, it does not need to be difficult in the future.

I am now letting go of my difficulty-creating beliefs and am actively reaching for a higher perspective which sees my current struggles as a walk through the park.

This is possible for me. From now on, I focus the energy of my thoughts and words in the direction of this possibility.

It is so and so it is.

T.K. Coleman

Never die. Never grow old.

Never die. Never grow old.

Travel backwards in time. Grow young. Be born again and at last return to the place where you began; the cosmic womb of unmanifest potentiality.

Come home to an awareness of your boundless essence. Die before you die by embracing your true nature as that which is beyond words, thoughts, and forms.

Throw off the limiting shackles of self-definition and allow yourself to feel the mystery of pure existence. Let go of all attachments and be spontaneous. Allow your Authentic Self to burst forth into playful and unhindered expression.

Live life no longer. Let life live itself through you and you will never die or grow old.


T.K. Coleman

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