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Fridays With Isaac Morehouse & T.K. Coleman: Why Haven’t You Auditioned For American Idol?

This Friday Isaac and I are taking a break from live discussion…but you still get to hear our ideas! This episode is a chapter from the audiobook version of Why Haven’t You Read This Book?

The episode includes the book’s introduction as well as a chapter, read by Mitchell Earl, that tells my story of throwing caution to the wind and traveling cross country to audition for American Idol.

Next week we’ll be back taking listener questions, so send them our way via, email, or social!

Enjoy, and download a free chapter of the audiobook at

Fridays With Isaac: Osiris, Wantrepreneurship, Testing New Ideas, Drugs, & More

Today on the Isaac Morehouse podcast, Isaac and I took real-time questions from our social media followers. Here are some of the topics we addressed:

  • How to not get stuck being a “wantrepreneur”
  • How to test an idea before launch
  • How to get better at quitting stuff you hate
  • The psychological impact of entrepreneurship vs. FOMO
  • Why Kobe is greater than LeBron
  • Maps vs. territory
  • Grad school
  • Remote work cultures
  • The ‘corporatization’ of college
  • Drugs
  • Fixing your hook in golf
  • What parts of the college bundle will be next to get disrupted?
  • Egoism
  • My bad grammar
  • TK’s plans to remake the NBA to be more like the WWE
  • What’s the next fad career?

To listen to this week’s Friday conversation with Isaac, check out the link below:

If you’re in a listening mood, here’s last week’s chat with Isaac on How I Was Almost Like Luke Perry and another recent episode on The Art of Selfish Learning.

I hope you enjoy our conversations.



Enjoy Your Evolution

When things eventually work out for you, do you celebrate your persistence or are you too busy being upset about the fact that you even had a problem to begin with?

Join me for another walk as I share my thoughts on the importance of enjoying your evolution and interpreting your past oversights in a positive light. Click here or on the picture below to check out the video.

Screenshot (384)








Additionally, here are the links to some of my previous videos below:

Stop Apologizing For Your Day Job

Being Great Versus Becoming Great

How to Create Epic Moments

I hope you enjoy the videos AND your personal evolution 😉



In Case You’re Feeling Like A Loser

Don’t limit your concept of a good attitude to “being positive.”

It’s far more important that you focus on things like being healthy, being constructive, and being creative. Healthy decisions don’t always invoke positive feelings. Constructive activity doesn’t always feel inspiring. Being creative isn’t always accompanied by faith in the result.

Too many people walk around feeling defeated because they can’t get themselves to “think positive.” Forget about thinking positive then. Focus on the truth. Even it seems negative, focus on the truth and try to formulate the healthiest and most constructive plan of action you can find. Then act on it to the best of your ability regardless of how you feel. Sometimes inspiration is the response, not the catalyst, for doing your best before you feel your best.

The key to winning at life is remembering this basic concept: Winning doesn’t always feel like winning.

Something You Should Know About What You Should’ve Known

“I should have known better.”

Famous last words.

Perhaps it is true that you *should* have known better, but that doesn’t change the fact that you only could’ve known what you actually knew.

Wallowing in guilt about what you think you should have known isn’t going to make you one bit smarter. In fact, it might just delay the process of you learning from your mistakes and moving forward in a constructive manner.

Instead of condemning yourself for not having known something in the past, celebrate the fact that your experiences have made you more prepared for the future.

What you “should” have known doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is what you’re willing to do in the present moment to become a better version of yourself.

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