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Own it!

Today’s two cents is offered to you in two words:¬†Own it!

If someone did you a favor, that’s great. Go ahead and thank them. Give credit where credit is due.

After you’re done, please consider the following:

There wouldn’t be any favors unless there was something about your personality, your story, your reputation, or your skills that made others want to help you.

And who’s responsible for the development of your personality, your story, your reputation, and your skills?

Ummm, that would be….YOU.

So, own it!

Because no one ever has or ever will do anything for you without you first investing some degree of time, energy, and effort into your own self.


Make a list of 5 ways in which others have recently helped you.

Thank everyone on your list for their support.

THEN (this is the main point of the exercise), write down at least one positive attribute you have or one positive achievement you’ve made that helped put you in a position to receive each particular form of help that was given to you.

Was this exercise difficult for you? Why or why not? How did you feel while doing it? How do you feel afterwards?

Feel free to write your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

I’d love to hear from you.


T.K.  Coleman

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