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In Praise of the Body, In Adoration of Action

Living is as much a matter of movement as it is of mind.

We are not brains in a vat. We are not disembodied dreamers. Our potential can’t be realized through thinking alone.

Man is a psychosomatic entity. Physical action is essential to his being.

The body is not an inorganic architectural structure existing for the sole and servile purpose of passively housing the mind. The body exists for tasting, touching, seeing, smelling, hearing, dancing, singing, playing, and loving.

Life is not a concept, it’s a visceral experience. And its essence is most fully known when we engage the universe with the totality of our being.

Do not drag your body along as if it were a burden of some kind. Reject the ascetic imperative and embrace the physicality of your existence.

The flesh does not hold you back. It propels you forward.

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