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Positive or not, get back in the ring and fight like hell!

Perhaps some situations are bad, but you can’t always allow yourself to see it that way.

When things happen to you, you have to happen back to those things.

This isn’t about being positive. It’s about being competitive.

It’s about imposing your will upon the game of life.

It’s about playing your heart out as if your life depended on it, even when you know you’re the outmatched underdog.

It’s about taking yourself seriously as a creative force.

It’s not about “psyching” yourself up with affirmations that you don’t really believe. It’s not about pretending that you’re going to win when in reality you have no idea what’s going to happen.  It’s not about wearing smiley faces and doing tap dance routines. It’s about respecting your dignity enough to walk tall, think big, and fight hard no matter what you’re up against.

It’s about standing up to the situations that seem stronger than you and saying: “Not today, Mister Adversity! No way, Madame Dismay! I refuse to lie down and let you coast to an easy victory over me. I’m going to give you everything I’ve got. I’m going to make you remember me. And when the final bell rings, I will still be standing. Because no matter what the outcome is, I am fighter, I am a competitor, I am a champion at heart.

Responsibility and blame

Responsibility and Blame are not the same.

Blame is the act of attributing fault or guilt to someone in response to an unwanted result.

Responsibility is the act of assuming a leadership role in a given situation.

Taking personal responsibility for everything that happens in your life doesn’t mean that you blame yourself for the bad things that occur.

It simply means that you don’t place your destiny in the hands of someone else by waiting around for THEM to make the adjustments that have to be made in order for YOU to be happy.

The power to make a difference always lies with you.

When you explain your disappointments in terms of what someone or something is doing to you, you give this power away.

There’s no need to blame yourself for not getting what you want. But there’s also no need for you to deny your creative ability to turn any situation around.

Guilt and blame are useless. They have no place in the discussions of a deliberate creator. What’s done is done. It is what it is. The only question that matters now is “Who has the power to do something about it?

Don’t throw your life away by answering that question with anyone else’s name beside your own.

No matter what anyone appears to be doing to you, there is always an adjustment you can make that will bring about positive changes.

Wayne Dyer says “responsibility is the power to respond with ability.”

Are you ready to take your power back?

Today I choose to embrace my personal power by taking responsibility, not blame, for all aspects of my life.

T.K. Coleman

When it feels like you’re in Hell

‎”If you’re going through hell, keep going.” -Walt Disney

Adaptation is a central component in any evolutionary process. There is no way for an organism, structure, or entity of any kind to move from a simpler to a more complex form without having to adjust to rapidly changing environments.

Your journey towards deeper wholeness and overall happiness can be seen as such a process. The moment you become comfortable and confident with your ability to navigate the conditions around you, everything and everyone, including the rules themselves, will sometimes appear to change.

We work hard to build our lives, families, businesses, etc. Then something unexpected happens, and we seem to be right back where we started at ground zero.

If you ever find yourself in such a position, here are two cents I’d like to offer:

The life lessons, wisdom, and maturity you’ve achieved in your past will always be with you. Resist the temptation to hastily disregard everything you’ve invested, accomplished, and learned as a waste simply because you are in the middle of a crisis right now.

A priest once told my brother “When one door closes, another one always opens. But it’s Hell in the hallways.”

No matter what you’re going through, you are not at ground zero. You’re in the hallway of transition and transformation. It may feel like Hell for awhile, but you’ll come through that door on the other side as an even more highly evolved being than you already are. So hang in there. Because I look forward to rejoicing with you.


The guy walking next to you in the hallway. Cheers 🙂

T.K. Coleman

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Is it difficult to be positive?

Is it difficult to be positive?

This is a question many would respond to with a resounding “yes”. In fact, some people accept it as axiomatic that being positive is more difficult than being negative. I don’t think the question is as cut & dry as it appears.

Difficulty is as difficulty does

Consider the following question:

Is it difficult to stay awake and have energy?

Well, it depends. Did you get any sleep the night before? Have you eaten anything? If so, did you eat foods that provide the body with energy?

Whether or not you find it difficult to stay awake and have energy varies with how you answer those questions.

If you slept for two hours, skipped out on breakfast, and ate only a candy bar for lunch, you will probably find it much easier to fall asleep than to stay awake. It has very little to do with will-power and much more to do with proper physical conditioning.

A similar principle is at work when it comes to being happy and thinking positive.

“Dig the well before you need the water”

Many people invest very little effort into their mental conditioning and are still surprised when the benefits of such conditioning are absent.

They allow themselves very little room for relaxation, spend almost no time reading or watching inspirational material, and frequently focus their attention around conversations, news reports, and television programs that generate fear and anxiety. This sort of mental diet makes it psychologically impossible to meet the challenges of daily life with any significant amount of inner resources.

How can there be water to draw in a time of need, when one has never taken the time to dig the well?

Last Thanksgiving’s dinner wont satisfy today’s hunger

Can you imagine someone saying the following:

I don’t need to eat this week because I ate a huge meal last Thanksgiving!

Sounds odd, right? Yet, that’s exactly how we treat our spiritual and psychological health when we neglect our soul’s need for daily nourishment.

Being healthy, happy, & positive everyday is not difficult. It’s just as feasible as staying awake throughout the day when you’re at work. It only requires that you take care of your soul with the same level of consistency that you take care of your body.

Your happiness and health is worth whatever investment it takes. I encourage you to regularly make room in your life for activities that feed your soul. Don’t wait for a crisis. Take charge of your life and get on a steady diet of mental and spiritual health as soon as possible.

That’s my two cents.

What are your thoughts?


T.K. Coleman

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Positive Thinking is not a consolation prize. It’s the gold medal!

In sports, a distinction is made between teams who “play not to lose” and teams who “play to win.”

The former doesn’t expect to win. They may have the desire, but they lack the conviction that they have what it takes to ultimately succeed. Instead, they settle for being competitive. Their primary goal is to put forth a respectable effort while ensuring that the other team works up a good sweat en route to inevitable victory.

Teams who “play to win” have an entirely different mentality. They have their eyes on the prize and are “in it to win it.” Their agenda is neither defensive nor neutral. They want nothing short of being crowned “the winner” at the match’s end.

Optimism is sometimes perceived and advanced from the perspective of those who approach the game of life with a play “not to lose” attitude. Positive thinking is often seen as a consolation prize for an unpleasant life. From this vantage point, life really does stink and the best we can hope to do is be a good sport about it. Positive thinking is simply a coping mechanism that allows us to get through the day after our circumstance have already been defined by a pessimistic perspective.

Here’s another way to see it;

Optimism is about playing to win.

Optimism isn’t just there to help you cope with negativity. It’s there to relentlessly challenge negativity. It doesn’t concede any negative interpretations of reality without first contesting it from all sides. Every negative assumption is called into question with the highest scrutiny. Optimism wants to be the perspective that gets to define what your life is like. It’s not going to sit back and let pessimism define what your life means while it passively reacts.

Positivity is not a defensive reaction to life’s challenges.

Positivity is a proactive mechanism for creating the life you were born to create.

There are no consolation prizes in life. You can either be a victim of circumstance or a champion of imagination.

You get to choose. Don’t play not to lose.  Today you can decide to play on the winning side.

That’s my two cents.


T.K. Coleman

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