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Cofounder and Education Director for Praxis

I run an apprenticeship program that places people at startups, helps them develop real world skills, and shows them how to create value in the marketplace. Click here to watch our brief introductory video, “Praxis – Apprentice at a Startup.”

Recent Blog Posts

Office Hours (Episode 4): The Inner Ring and Communication with Coworkers & Crowds This week’s Office Hours is all about communication. Whether it's at work, for a large…

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Are You Ready for The Battle That Comes With Your Dream?

"I want to write a book. I want to build a business. I want to…

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Growth Over Glory

When giving a lecture before an audience of ethnobotany/entheogen enthusiasts, Terence Mckenna offered the following…

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Office Hours (Episode 3): Finding Friends, Working Creatively, and Selfishly Creating Value at Work Whether its a church, a workplace, or a college campus, the status you have…

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