When tomorrow comes, I will happen

“Things don’t happen to us. We happen to things.” -Jeffrey Grupp

I am a cause and not an effect.

I do not merely react or respond to the events in my life, but I choose to initiate causal chains that compel events to respond to me.

I do not seek peace of mind by attempting to predict what events will happen next.

I AM what happens next.

No matter what happens in the future, it will be forced to encounter the energy of my spirit; a spirit which knows that it has the unconditional power to determine its own disposition.

I do not fret over future events for I know that I will always have the option of choosing how I wish to feel.

The freedom and power I possess within the realm of my mind is not threatened by the passage of time.

Nothing can happen to me without me also happening to it.

Because I dwell in a consciousness of Unconditional Love, I know that nothing can become a part of my experience without passing through the purifying filter of my divine essence.

The events of tomorrow may be uncertain, yet I am sure that bliss will be the activity of my soul then as it is now.

For I AM the main event in my own life.

When tomorrow comes, I will happen.

That is all the knowledge of the future I need to know that my joy is secure.

T.K. Coleman

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