You become what you despise

When you despise the qualities you dislike in others, you assimilate those same characteristics into your own personality.

I remember a phase when I grew “sick and tired” of complainers.

I went on and on about how much I hated people who complained about their problems.

It hadn’t occurred to me that complaining about complainers is just another form of complaining.

By focusing my attention on the people I despised, I became just like them.

Are you focusing your energy on what moves you forward or are you too busy bemoaning those who behave badly?

T.K. Coleman

3 thoughts on “You become what you despise

  1. What we see is what we get. Like attracts like. Which is why we must keep ourselves shiny and bright. Life is but a mirror of us. Great post TK 🙂

  2. Please tell me where the phrase ” you become what you despise?” I was so head strong my younger years all the way up to 30s I believed I beat this bc I’m head strong, take on anyone who tried to take my values or change my principles. Guess what? Yes I became what I despised before I realized it. My 19 year old daughter is just like me “worse, knows everything”. Great child as far as college education driven with honors and works many hours. Just recently everything she has despised she is on the track of becoming. I want her to see the power of this words before it’s to late.

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