Shatter my beliefs

The man who threatens to disprove my beliefs is my greatest ally.

For with the stripping away of my precious assumptions comes the dissolution of those boundaries and limitations created by my dogmatic attachment to a particular way of seeing.

In the loss of certainty is the emergence of possibility.

So, I bless those who come to my aid with their belief-smashing logic.

I praise those who dare to shatter my most cherished illusions.

I adore those who graciously undermine my claims to knowledge.

One cannot experience the bliss and freedom of shifting into a new paradigm unless he is first willing to undergo a crisis of faith.

At least that’s the way I see it (until I shift paradigms tomorrow morning).


T.K. Coleman

2 thoughts on “Shatter my beliefs

  1. Love the topic T.K. I had the great pleasure a couple of weeks ago of being with 5000 people smashing through our belief together…that was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had. And what made it even more powerful for me was that the group was made up of people from around the world…different religious beliefs, ethnicities, ages, sexual orientation and more…in today’s divided society were there seems to be a lot of taking sides at all cost…it was amazing!, We are living in the time of AWAKENING after all…and it is time to smash the illusions that no longer serve us.

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