Are you waiting on the money?

People often ask, “what would you do if money were no object?”

The answer to that question is said to help reveal one’s true passion and purpose in life.

While I have benefited from asking myself this very question many times in the past, there are a few other questions that have been equally challenging and useful for me:

What are you willing to do even if money IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE an object?

What dreams would you still pursue if you knew you’d NEVER get a “big break?”

What creative projects and plans would you MAKE time for even if you still had to work 40-60 hours a week doing something completely unrelated just to pay the bills?

Are you willing to be who you really are even if you never get paid for it?

Having a dream, a passion, or a calling isn’t just about what we’re willing to do in a hypothetical world where we’re free from having to think about money, work, and responsibility. It’s about what we’re willing to fight for even if life doesn’t make it easy for us to pursue.

Question: Are you willing to fight for the right to create? How much? For how long?

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