Put it in reverse

The more you recite, reiterate, and rehearse the apparent reasons why things won’t work out for you, the better you’ll get at seeing obstacles and objections in every place you look.

After a while, you’ll become a natural at filtering out the options and opportunities that emerge in your experience, and you’ll eventually equate your acquired negligence of well-being with an actual quality existing in the external world.

Here’s today’s two cents:

Do the opposite!

2 thoughts on “Put it in reverse

  1. Yes “PUT IT IN REVERSE.” “DO THE OPPOSITE!” Excellent. And keep moving forward. .

    Don’t learn to “fail with dignity.” (A successful business man whose name I’ve forgotten at the moment.)

    “Human beings are born to succeed.” (Jon Bon Jovi)

    Love these posts. Simple but not simplistic.


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