Be yourself. It actually works.

The prize that appears to be waiting for you on the other side of self-compromise is an illusion.

Nothing good can come from lying to yourself.

Any treasures you procure by disparaging or denying your real self are nothing more than fool’s gold

And the trouble you think you’re avoiding by denying who you truly are is only going to find you some other way.

The best way to play it safe is to take the risk of self-acceptance.

Be yourself. It actually works.


T.K. Coleman

2 thoughts on “Be yourself. It actually works.

  1. Sometimes though, it takes years to discover who you really are; to get out from under other people’s concepts of who you are that they drape on you like curtains, blocking your real light. So be patient with yourself, just as you would be with others.

  2. So well said… We’ve all read books, blogs, poetry, quotes about self confidence and the importance of being your ‘true self’ but this is so clear and so simple … maybe today will be a real Self day! Thank you once again. Keep ’em coming. AOK

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