Always ask (let the other person say “no”)

Here’s a very basic lesson my mom taught me after she observed me apologizing profusely, as I nervously uttered a request to an older gentleman:

The only guaranteed “no” is the one you give to yourself. 

You never know everything about what’s going on in another person’s world.

People may have the willingness or ability to do things for you that you can’t imagine.

Adults can handle the questions that are posed to them.

Adults know how to assess their situation for themselves.

Adults know how to speak up. If they want to say “no”, they don’t need you be their spokesperson.

It’s not your job to protect people from requests. And it’s not in your best interest to protect yourself from a “no.”

Be respectful. Be tactful. Be timely.

But if you have a sincere request, always ask.

Let the other person say “no.”

That’s today’s two cents.

Courtesy of Mom.


T.K. Coleman

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