Keep looking


Life is like an optical illusion.

By adjusting our focal settings, we can create new perceptual experiences.

But like optical illusions, catching a glimpse of life’s hidden possibilities isn’t always easy and each of us has to find our own way of looking until we finally see them.

Sometimes we “get it” right away, but then we lose it. Sometimes we know there’s a different perspective to be held, but it eludes us as if it wishes to remain undiscovered. In more agonizing moments, we become convinced that our brain is uniquely disadvantaged in its ability to see from the correct point of view.

And yet, all we can do is look.

We can ask others to help us, of course. But after our friends are done describing what they see, we must return to the process of looking for ourselves.

The Ancient Jewish Prophet Jeremiah, speaking on behalf of divinity, proclaimed the following words to those who were in exile: “If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.”

On my darker days, I like to imagine that higher perspectives are gently whispering a similar message to me.

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