I am Resilience

abcd123“Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

“Greatness lives on the edge of destruction.” -Will Smith

Wherever there is danger, you can find “me” passing through.

My Sādhanā  is the turbulence of the storm, the eye of the hurricane, the mouth of the beast, the den of the devil, the destructive dance of Shiva.

These are my portals, my carefully constructed passageways to the unlit corridors and secret chambers of the interior castle I call home.

I do not run from darkness in search of light nor do I flee the presence of adversity in a quest for peace.

My salvation is in the Divine Darkness, The Holy Abyss, The Eternal Nothingness, The Sacred Unreality of the “me” who mistakenly believes he needs to be saved.

I am resilience and hell is where my stories of suffering go to die.

2 thoughts on “I am Resilience

    1. When I can, I will. I usually get my pictures from forums & friends/fellow page-owners on FB. As was the case with this post, I often write my posts based on what I feel the picture is saying to me. I don’t typically google stuff to find pictures that will fit the post, so it’s often hard to trace back any further than FB or Forum source. But when I can, I will for sure.

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