Get a non-permission plan

“If your plan requires getting picked and you’re not getting picked, you need a new plan.”-Seth Godin

The resources you need to get started may not be available until you find a way to get started.

Support from others is usually the effect, not the cause, of making things happen.

If you’re still waiting to be believed in, invested in, or interested in, give the middle finger to that plan and start adopting a non-permission based approached to creativity.

Take initiative and let self-determination be the driving force in your life.

The problem is not that we’re sometimes unable to afford our dreams; it’s that we’re too quick to believe that we can afford the luxury of putting them into someone else’s hands.

2 thoughts on “Get a non-permission plan

  1. You’re exactly right! If you put someone else in charge of your dream or wait for others to give permission it isn’t your dream anymore. At that point the only dream you have left is to wish you had a dream.

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