How to listen to “how to” advice

Don’t start with their “how”; start with your “why.”

Define the reasons why you do what you do before you listen to anyone’s version of “The 5 things you should or shouldn’t do.”

Your goals, your priorities, your definition of success, and your concept of happiness sets the context for what is and isn’t relevant to your life.

Everything is wrong and everything is right depending on the context and the individual.

Nothing is absolute in the realm of advice.

As I wrote in Self-help is as dangerous as it is helpful: It all depends on how you approach it:

If you’re looking for a fool-proof approach to self-help, there isn’t one. Every good piece of advice that has ever been given is fully capable of making your life worse if you aren’t careful, conscious, and creative in your personal application of it.

2 thoughts on “How to listen to “how to” advice

  1. I’m making some profound changes in my life soon. People shake their heads and roll their eyes while flashing their forced smiles and still I’m going ahead. The one person whose support I need I have. I have mine.

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