Even when you’re wrong, make them respect you

I recently had a conversation with a defense attorney in which I asked the following question: would you ever defend a client if you knew they were guilty?

The attorney answered, “absolutely.”


“Because guilty people have rights too. And if an informed person like myself isn’t there to articulate those rights, people will abuse that person every single time. A person doesn’t have to BE right in order to HAVE rights. I’m there to make sure that the law isn’t wrongly applied to people who are in the wrong”

Here’s today’s two cents:

Never allow yourself to be manipulated because of guilt. Just because you’re in the wrong doesn’t mean that others have the right to treat you in whatever manner they please. Making a mistake is not the same thing as being a loser. Own your actions and make your apologies, but always act from a place of self-respect. Even when you’re not right, you still have rights.

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